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What to Put in a Piñata Besides Candy

Piñatas are becoming a staple for pandemic era parties, but what can you put in a piñata besides candy? After all, most adults are watching their waistlines, at least a little bit. Some adults have health problems that mean they’re trying to stay away from sugar. Many parents are trying to keep their kids off […]

Staying Close to Loved Ones in Assisted Living

The Covid-19 pandemic has been very hard on the relationships between people and their elderly relatives. Many people in assisted living facilities have had almost no contact with their loved ones. While phone calls and video chats are nice, they aren’t available to all seniors. In addition, it’s sometimes nice to have something tangible to […]

Celebrate Graduation 2021 with Graduation Balloons

The Covid-19 pandemic isn’t over yet, which means another round of graduates won’t be able to walk the stage with their peers. We don’t know exactly how schools will be handling their graduations this year–perhaps with a drive-thru celebration? We do know it won’t be what it was before, with hundreds of proud parents packed […]

How to Make the Best Sign for a Peaceful Protest

If you’re going to go to a protest you want to be sure to convey your message, and the best way to do it is with a well-constructed sign. You want it big, bold, and sturdy. You never know if you’ll face rain or wind. Here are a few ideas for your protest sign. Making […]

Goodie Bags for Kids

Favor bags are a staple of most kid’s birthday parties. How can you put together a great one? Find a Goody Bag Theme Usually, the theme of your goody bag should match the theme of your party. In the past we’ve helped parents make some of the following: Mickey Mouse Goody Bags Baby Shark Goody […]

How to Throw a Unique Virtual Birthday Party for Kids

How do you make a virtual party fun? What do you even do at a virtual birthday party? As the pandemic rages on, many parents are left to ask these questions. Fortunately, you can make a virtual party just as fun as an in-person party…as long as you’re willing to exercise a little creativity. Virtual […]

Ace Your MLK Diorama Project With These Ideas

Dioramas are a common assignment this year, especially for Martin Luther King Day, or to celebrate the civil rights movement. Feeling strapped for ideas on how to make a cool cardboard diorama? We’ve got good news and bad news. Bad news first: you won’t find any diorama kits anymore. There aren’t really any pre-made kits […]

Easy Thanksgiving Decorating for Your Zoom Dinners

Most people won’t be doing a lot of travel for Thanksgiving this year. Instead, we’ll use Zoom to get our togetherness time while stopping the spread of the pandemic. Yet there’s no reason to think you can’t be just as festive as you were when the entire family gathered in your dining room. With a […]

Keeping Safe During Covid

Last updated: 2/10/22 In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Paper Plus has made some changes, both in what we offer and how we offer it. Here’s what we’re up to. Vaccination All of our employees are vaccinated. Hours Starting Saturday, May 9th, 2020 our hours will be: Monday-Thursday 10-5 Friday-Saturday 10-6 Sunday 10-3 These hours are […]

Celebrate the Mask, It’s Here to Stay

Wearing masks on the regular was an adjustment for everyone, but now they’ve become an integral part of every day life. Given Covid-19 may not be going away any time soon, they’re the one reason we can live, work, shop, and play outside. If we can’t get rid of them, we might as well make […]

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