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Monthly Calendar Trends and Why You Need a Paper Calendar

Sure, there are 100+ digital calendar apps, but there’s just something about going analog. Writing things down sticks them in our mind better, is soothing to anxiety, and allows us to put important appointments and goals front and center, where we can see them. Besides, wall calendars in particular are extremely cute! There are so […]

As We Head into 2022, Party Days Are Here Again

Everybody wanted to see the end of 2020. Some people even posted signs that said, “Happy New Year, Good Riddance, 2020.” Maybe it’s 2021 they should have been looking to say goodbye to though because 2021 is where we turned the corner. We know, because we know what nobody bought in 2020, and we know […]

It’s Time for National Vanilla Cupcake Day!

Are you ready to celebrate just about anything after a tough 2020 and 2021? You’re not alone. We’ve all been cooped up for far too long. Fortunately, thanks to the 365 Holidays calendar, there’s something weird, fun, or kooky to celebrate just about every day. Coming up soon: November 10, National Vanilla Cupcake Day. Why […]

How to Have the Best Glow-in-the-Dark Party this Halloween

Glow-in-the-dark parties are a fun way to celebrate a super spooky Halloween. With the right supplies, you can transform your home, garage, or backyard into a spooky monster revelry zone that your guests will absolutely love. In fact, these parties are perfect for kids and adults alike. Here are a few glow-in-the-dark party ideas to […]

What to Do When Your Favorite Party Goods Aren’t in Stock

You had your heart set on the perfect supplies for your carefully orchestrated party plan. Yet when you get to your favorite party store, some of the items you really wanted weren’t in stock. What gives? More importantly, what are you going to do now? Don’t worry! We’ve got solutions for all your party planning […]

Build a Balloon Bouquet for Any Interest or Occasion

Balloon bouquets are a fun alternative to sending flowers to mark just about any occasion. They’re fun and festive, often last a little longer without special care, and carry some other benefits, as well. For example, there are so many shapes and sizes of balloons available that each bouquet can be tailored to the recipient. […]

What to Put in a Piñata Besides Candy

Piñatas are becoming a staple for pandemic era parties, but what can you put in a piñata besides candy? After all, most adults are watching their waistlines, at least a little bit. Some adults have health problems that mean they’re trying to stay away from sugar. Many parents are trying to keep their kids off […]

Staying Close to Loved Ones in Assisted Living

The Covid-19 pandemic has been very hard on the relationships between people and their elderly relatives. Many people in assisted living facilities have had almost no contact with their loved ones. While phone calls and video chats are nice, they aren’t available to all seniors. In addition, it’s sometimes nice to have something tangible to […]

Celebrate Graduation 2021 with Graduation Balloons

The Covid-19 pandemic isn’t over yet, which means another round of graduates won’t be able to walk the stage with their peers. We don’t know exactly how schools will be handling their graduations this year–perhaps with a drive-thru celebration? We do know it won’t be what it was before, with hundreds of proud parents packed […]

How to Make the Best Sign for a Peaceful Protest

If you’re going to go to a protest you want to be sure to convey your message, and the best way to do it is with a well-constructed sign. You want it big, bold, and sturdy. You never know if you’ll face rain or wind. Here are a few ideas for your protest sign. Making […]

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