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How to Order Balloons

We’d love for you to swing by our store to place your order!!

Don’t get us wrong, we’re happy to chat over the phone (510‐525‐1799) and take your order that way, but there’s something special about seeing all the colors and styles in person.

Plus, when you come into our store, we can get a sense of what you’re going for and help you pick out the perfect balloons for your occasion.

Whether you want to create an elegant balloon arch for your wedding, or a fun and festive display for a birthday party, we’re here to help. So swing by and let’s make some magic happen!

Just a heads up, we don’t take orders over email or messaging, so let’s chat in person or over the phone to get your order started.

There Is No party Without Balloons!

Balloons complete any event. Paper Plus specializes in providing hosts with elegant, innovative and inspiring balloon decorations. We have the largest selection of birthday balloons and balloon decorations in the entire East Bay.

Stop by at 1629 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA or give us a call with any questions: 510‐525‐1799!

clear balloons with patterns

All Shapes and Sizes

Our individual balloon designs will bring a festive flair to any occasion. We carry birthday balloons for everyone from babies to seniors. Our imaginative balloon animals will delight the kids, as will our assortment of bright Mylar balloons, and many more fun balloon designs. We carry many different types of balloons – Myler, helium, latex, non-latex, biodegradable, etc.

We also create sculptures out of our balloons – ever walked under a huge balloon arch or admired a balloon flower? Paper Plus employees are trained by a certified balloon artist so they really know how to make balloons into works of art. We’re even renowned competitors in international Balloon Arts shows!

Party Balloons for Every Special Event

Grand openings, corporate events, holiday parties, birthdays, anniversaries and graduations are all great venues for balloon decorations. Make the day memorable with Paper Plus special event balloons. How about balloon centerpieces for the tables at the baby shower, or a large balloon flower for Valentine’s Day? Clusters of helium balloons on strings delight the young and old alike. Bring all the favorite children’s characters together with our theme party balloons.

The possibilities are limited only by the imagination. Let our trained professionals help you plan and create perfect balloon decorations.

maroon and white birthday ballon arch with 60 in balloon numbers

And, we deliver!

Balloon delivery makes it easy. Paper Plus offers a convenient balloon delivery service, so you can fulfill your desired look effortlessly.

Stop by at 1629 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA or give us a call with any questions: 510‐525‐1799!

In consideration of safety and environmental concerns, Paper Plus is committed to the Smart Balloon Practices set by the U.S. Balloon Council. We’re always happy to educate our customers on the best ways to handle and dispose of any balloons you purchase. Read about why latex is environmentally friendly in our Balloon Safety and Myths blog post!

Balloon FAQs

Here at Paper Plus, we get lots of questions about balloons. Here are some of the most common ones.

Will helium balloons last overnight?

Latex balloons will only stay inflated for 8 to 12 hours when filled with helium. You can keep them afloat a little longer by spraying the exterior of the balloon with a compound called “Hi-float” before you inflate them, ensuring they stay up a little longer. This is a coating that seals the pores in the latex so the helium doesn’t escape as fast.

You can also help them last longer if you keep them somewhere with consistent temperatures, as helium balloons are very sensitive to temperature changes. We do have Hi-Float in stock!

Mylar balloons can float up to 10 days with helium in them, which is one of the reasons people like them so much!

Keep in mind that there is a helium shortage right now. Fortunately, there’s nothing particularly special about helium: it just makes balloons float. You can create entire balloon arches, designs, structures, columns, and other designs out of balloons that are filled with nothing but air!

Is balloon release legal in Berkley?

No. In fact, it’s illegal throughout the state of California. According to California Penal Code Section 653.1:

“No person shall release, outdoors, balloons  made of electrically conductive material and filled with a gas lighter than air as part of a public or civic event, promotional activity, or product advertisement.” 

If you let a balloon go by mistake nobody is going to set the law after you, but you shouldn’t release them on purpose, or encourage party-goers to release them as part of the festivities.

Mylar balloons, in particular, can be environmental hazards that take out power lines when they come back down to earth. That’s why all Mylar balloons are sold with a weight designed to keep them down on the ground.

What are the best types of balloons?

It depends on what’s important to you. For example, latex balloons are made from the rubber tree and are completely environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

If you want something a little more eye-catching then Mylar balloons can make a statement. They’re shiny, festive, and fun.

Want something a little more creative? Then look into bubble balloons. These see-through plastic balloons let you stretch your creative wings by adding confetti or other decorations inside of the balloon.

In some cases, it’s the theme of the balloon that matters. If you want a very specific party theme then you’ll just want to select the balloons that help you emphasize that theme!

big clear balloon filled with small balloons

Where do you put helium balloons overnight?

You’re looking for a dark, cool place where you can keep the temperature as cool as possible. If you have a pantry or empty closet these spaces are often ideal.

How do you keep helium balloons from deflating?

You can’t keep them from deflating entirely, but you can make them last longer with Hi-Float. You can also choose Mylar balloons, which hold helium longer.

Is it okay to have helium balloons in a car overnight?

Leaving helium balloons in a car overnight won’t produce optimum results. If you luck out and the interior of the car stays cool overnight then you might be okay, but if the area heats up your balloons will be sitting in a big metal hotbox, which will make them deflate much faster.

How many hours do helium balloons last?

Latex balloons will last 8 to 14 hours. Mylar balloons will last up to ten days.

yellow orange pink ballon arch

What is a Mylar balloon?

Mylar balloons are made from nylon covered by a thin layer of aluminum. Mylar can hold multiple shapes, which is how we end up with balloons shaped like black cats for Halloween, or like fairies for a princess party.

What are Mylar balloons used for?

Mylar balloons are used to create fun arrangements with different characters and shapes. They are a perfect addition to a balloon bouquet. They also can be filled with helium to ensure they float. Once these balloons deflate, you can reuse the material: it makes great wrapping paper!

How long do Mylar balloons last?

You can expect Mylar balloons to last 10 days.

What makes Mylar balloons superior to latex balloons?

They aren’t, necessarily. If you want an eco-friendly balloon, latex can be a better choice! Mylar is the better choice if you want shaped balloons, or if you need your helium balloons to last a lot longer.

Are Mylar balloons toxic?

They are not! That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful with them. If they pop, pets and very young children can choke on them if they put them in their mouth. They’re also electrically conductive, so make sure they’re properly weighted down and keep them clear of power lines.

Got more questions about balloons?

Here at Party Plus, we’re balloon experts! Stop by our store or give us a call at 510-525-1799. We’re happy to help you find the perfect balloons for your next celebration.

Balloon Colors

This is always changing, especially with Covid, so please call 510-525-1799 or come in to get the latest updates on our stock.

Colors of balloons Paper Plus offers Colors of balloons Paper Plus offers

40-inch Letter and Number Balloons

Letter balloons are available in gold and silver colors.

Number ballons come in rose gold, silver, gold, purple, fuchsia, royal blue, black, and red.

letter balloons that Paper Plus offers

reunion spelled out in gold balloon letters

2-foot and 3-foot Balloons

Many of these colors can come in a 2-foot balloon and a 3-foot balloon.

2 and 3 foot balloons that paper plus offers


Balloon Photo Gallery

Want to know more? Learn all about the history of balloons!

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