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Balloon Types

Balloons come in all shapes and sizes – and materials. Each carries a different quality. Whatever your preference, Paper Plus is ready to make your party great. Here are all of our balloon types*:

Red, orange, yellow, green, and purple balloonsMylar Balloons

  • Made from a metallized film material which is a great surface for colors and designs. They come in a range of sizes and die-cut shapes. Mylar balloons should be disposed of properly.

Helium Balloons

  • Fill your balloons with helium! Kids and adults love to see balloons afloat.

Latex Balloons

  • Latex is the standard balloon material we know and love.

Biodegradable Balloons

  • As an environmentally conscious balloon dealer, Paper Plus is proud to offer biodegradable balloons.

Qualatex Balloons

  • Qualatex is a top-quality balloon brand. Paper Plus offers you their great selection of Qualatex color and printed balloons.

Round Balloons

  • Not every balloon has to be small and egg-shaped. Oversized round balloons are an unexpected twist on balloon decoration, providing a happy, playful look for your party or event.

Clear Balloons

  • Have a great, understated look – like soft, undersea bubbles! Clear balloons catch the light beautifully and suit any party color palette or theme.

Non-Latex Balloons

  • These are latex-free balloons appropriate for anyone with a latex allergy.

Ask about delivery and balloons for special events like birthdays and theme parties!

* – It’s never a good idea to release balloons into the sky. They can pop and scatter on land and in oceans, appearing as tasty meals to animals. When handing helium balloons to children, be sure to tie it onto their wrist or another grounded object. Let’s keep our environment safe.

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