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How to Throw a Unique Virtual Birthday Party for Kids

happy birthday cupcakes with pink frosting

How do you make a virtual party fun? What do you even do at a virtual birthday party?

As the pandemic rages on, many parents are left to ask these questions. Fortunately, you can make a virtual party just as fun as an in-person party…as long as you’re willing to exercise a little creativity.

Virtual Party Ideas

Here are four ideas that are really popular with kids of all ages.

1. Tik Tok Challenge

Kids absolutely love TikTok. Why not combine their love of social media with their desire to celebrate a birthday? The idea is simple: the birthday kid assigns songs to the guests. They film a TikTok of them dancing and singing to it and send the link back to their friend.

At party time, everyone gets to share the videos and giggle over them!

2. Kid-Friendly Jackbox

Jackbox Games are some of the easiest party games to put together. Everyone uses their phone or computer to log in and play, and only the host needs to own the games.

Fair warning: on default mode, Jackbox games are not kid-friendly. But they do have a kid-friendly mode in the options. Games like Quiplash, Tee KO, Fibbage, Fakin’ It, Drawful, and more. These are meant to be virtual party games anyway, and they’re made for humor. Kids will be giggling their heads off in no time.

3. Teleparty

Teleparty used to be “Netflix Party,” but it’s an app you can add to your browser. Everyone watches the same movie and can comment together in the chat. You can also open a voice chat in a Zoom meeting or on Discord so that everyone can chat together.

For a virtual party, it’s best to pick a movie nobody is too invested in but is fun to watch. That way people can talk over the movie without ruining anyone’s experience.

4. Virtual Karaoke

You can use an app called Watch2Gether to assemble karaoke tracks. Then get everyone together to sing their hearts out. Make sure every guest gets a turn, and wrap up the evening with one big group sing.

Use the chat feature on Zoom so people can keep talking with one another while their friends perform!

“Virtual” Birthday Gift Bags

goody bags in green and blueSome things don’t travel well via the Internet. The experience of giving out gift bags still has to be a little bit hands-on.

Fortunately, if all your guests are local, at least, “curbside gift bag delivery” can be a thing. You just have to create a goody bag for each child and then go drop it off. Each child can dive into their goody bags at the party, so it’s more like everyone is celebrating together.

Setting Expectations for a Virtual Birthday Celebration

colorful cupcake with strawberry for virtual birthday partyIf you have a younger child it might be a good idea to talk through what a virtual party will be like. You can help set the tone by making it a fun, interesting, exciting challenge.

You should also aim for something a little shorter than a full-sized in-person party. People tend to get Zoom fatigue if they stay in the meeting for more than an hour, and if you haven’t paid more for Zoom you’re limited to 40 minutes as it is.

Still, you can ramp up the fun by setting up a staging area with decorations and balloons. Your kids will love it!


We have all the decoration and goody bag supplies you could possibly need here at Paper Plus. Stop by and see us today at 1629 San Pablo Ave in Berkeley or call us at 510-525-1799.

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