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It’s Time for National Vanilla Cupcake Day!

vanilla cupcakes with strawberry frosting

Are you ready to celebrate just about anything after a tough 2020 and 2021? You’re not alone. We’ve all been cooped up for far too long.

Fortunately, thanks to the 365 Holidays calendar, there’s something weird, fun, or kooky to celebrate just about every day. Coming up soon: November 10, National Vanilla Cupcake Day.

Why celebrate national vanilla cupcake day?

vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting and fruitWhy? Because vanilla is awesome, that’s why. So are cupcakes (first created in 1776). Amelia Simmons invented them in her book: American Cookery. She simply called them “a cake to be baked in small cups.” Later, Eliza Leslie would name the same dish “cupcakes” in her 19th-century book, Receipts.

So by celebrating National Vanilla Cupcake Day, you’re celebrating the historical contributions of two women who probably could stand to get a little more recognition.

Then again, do you need an excuse to eat delicious vanilla cupcakes? Or to decorate them in fun, festive ways?

Great Ways to Celebrate National Vanilla Cupcake Day

You probably won’t want to hold a big cupcake party (though you could). It is an ideal time to do something with the kids or to bring vanilla cupcakes to work. You can grab a few festive liners from us and some cool toppers too. For example, you can sit down with the kids and they can each top the cupcake with a letter to represent their names.

vanilla extractIf you’re into making everything homemade you can even make your own vanilla extract. It uses exactly two ingredients: vanilla beans and 80 proof alcohol. We’ve been known to give them out as holiday gifts after setting them up in pretty bottles with homemade labels. This allows you to choose the vanilla beans you like (there are multiple varieties) and get a stronger flavor than you could get from store-bought, mass-produced vanilla extract.

Add edible confetti to your cupcakes for extra fun, and inedible confetti to your party space for even more fun.

If someone’s birthday falls on November 10th then you’ve got your theme good to go. Grab some cupcake-shaped balloons, or even create a balloon bouquet and go to town. Create a few cupcake-shaped wall decorations and grab some napkins and cups with cupcake patterns on them.

If they don’t love vanilla you could probably get away with having a few other flavors on hand too. We won’t tell!

Keep on celebrating! We all need it.

vanilla cupcakes with pink frostingWe all want to have more fun these days and celebrate even small things after coming out of the pandemic. Be the funnest friend around by gracing your group with a little celebration based on one of these holidays every month. Start here because November can feel rainy and dark, and this holiday is primed to offer a little much-needed levity and festivity.

Need supplies for your National Vanilla Cupcake Day Party? We’ve got all the cupcake-themed balloons, napkins, cups, and tablecloths you could possibly need. Stop by to see what’s in stock or give us a call for ideas!

Do you like sweets? How about an ice cream party or a cookie exchange party?

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