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How to Get Ready for Oakland Pride

Friday, September 1st, 2023

pride rainbow flag

Even though National Pride month is in June, pride is celebrated at all times of the year. And if you’ve been here long enough, you know that the Oakland Pride parade and festival is coming up on September 9 through the 10th at 20th Street and Broadway.

Both events are don’t-miss events, but there’s another component you’ll want to jump into. Some people host parties before or after the parade so they can have a close celebration with friends.

If you’re ready to host a pride party, read on: we’ve got loads of ideas to share.

Parade Prep 

lots of people at pride celebrationDon’t go to a pride parade looking plain! Grab some wearables such as rainbow hats, scarves, glasses, multicolored beads, vests, ties, suspenders, and socks. Express yourself with wigs, face paint, glitter, or sequins. Grab some big, fake eyelashes and get decked out.

You don’t have to restrict yourself to rainbows, either. Pride is all about expressing yourself. You can craft a unique look that’s true to you. Or you can pick one of the other pride flags expressing your identity and build a look around that, such as the baby blue, pink, and white transgender flag.


Keep everyone in the mood once it’s time to go home to the party. Deck out your home in multi-colored streamers and large pride flags. Choose party cups, plates, napkins, and balloons in all seven rainbow colors.

Add a little sparkle wherever you can. Glitter balloons in the seven colors of the rainbow are great for this. Mylar balloons spelling out “Happy Pride” keep the mood festive.


rainbow glitter

You should have a few favors at a pride party to make people comfortable. For example, pronoun pin buttons can give people a no-pressure way to share pronouns in a way that will make your trans and intersex guests feel welcomed and comfortable.

Handheld pride flags in all varieties make nice favors to take home or toy with. And you can add a few more strings of beads so guests can get that much more sparkly and fabulous when they arrive.


cupcakes with rainbow flagsA rainbow cake is a fine staple for a pride party, but don’t forget to mix up a couple of rainbow paradise cocktails. Offer some rainbow mocktails for those who don’t wish to drink.

Bring plenty of other food as well. To step it up to the next level of inclusiveness, consider labeling food by dietary preference, and try accommodating as many as possible. If you have a BBQ, add a few Beyond burgers.

Pride is all about loving people for who they are, right where they are. Addressing accessibility and inclusion in your food is part of that.

Any Day Can Be a Pride Day

Can’t throw a party in time for Oakland Pride? Don’t worry. You can use these ideas for a coming-out party or celebrate pride whenever you want. Members of the queer community and their friends can use a great reason for celebration and support 365 days a year, so bring your party spirit and get those invites out!

How to Get Ready for Rush Week

Thursday, September 1st, 2022

When every sorority and fraternity does its part, Rush Week lends a festival-like atmosphere to the Greek strip of any campus. Sorority rush and fraternity rush are the key to recruiting new members. New to the planning process? Here’s a rundown of what you and your Greek brothers or sisters will have to think about.

Spare nothing! Rush isn’t just another fraternity party or sorority party.  It’s the number one way your organization will recruit new people. Pledges bring in fresh revenue and social capital. You want to encourage as many people as possible to join up, and the best way to do that is by being extra impressive.

Pick a Theme for Your Events

Some sororities are content to pick a color and weave decorations around that color. Some fraternities don’t bother at all, choosing to focus on the entertainment instead.

Yet a well-thought-out theme can add excitement and interest. Why not focus on both the entertainment and an awesome theme? One can in fact inform the other.

Casino Themes

large playing card casino party decorationsFor example, you could pick a casino theme, and center a bunch of cool frat house decorations or sorority decorations around becoming a mini-Vegas, complete with various gaming tables and high-class (possibly non-alcoholic) cocktails.

The classic colors for a casino theme are red, black, white, silver, and gold. You can make your own decorations if your sorority or fraternity is on a budget, or you can make your own: painted boxes make awesome giant dice, for example. It’s also easy to find a ton of pre-made casino decorations.

You’ll want to check your university’s guidelines and state law before gambling anything more serious than Oreos of course.

Pick a Decade, Any Decade

boom box in front of graffitiChoosing a decade is another easy way to punch up frat house decor or sorority room decor. There’s plenty to choose from: the 1960s, the 1940s, the 1980s, or the 1920s are all popular.

Dress up, play that era’s music, and have someone on hand to teach the most popular dances of that decade. Any of these activities can help you put together a sorority house party people won’t forget any time soon!

Think decorations like psychedelic confetti or disco ball balloons. Props and memorabilia will make your decade-themed party a rip-roaring success.

Get Creative

The truth is you can pick any theme as long as it offers you a way to tie all the festivities together.

Make sure the theme you pick is something your frat brothers or sorority sisters will be interested in and love. You want your own members to show up en force while you’re trying to recruit new ones!

Rent Equipment

You’ll need tables, chairs, and lots of them. You might want to get these reserved well before Rush Week so you aren’t having to scramble, calling around to find them at the last minute.

Figure Out Food

pizzaNobody wants to be at your events if the food isn’t great. Food boosts attendance, keeps people there, and leaves potential pledges with good feelings about your sorority or fraternity.

Or, as The Fraternity Advisor notes, “Pizza=pledges.”

Gather Decor Supplies

You can start ordering supplies once you’ve picked your theme. There are a few things to think about, such as:

  • Lawn decorations.
  • Plates, cups, & napkins in theme colors.
  • Garlands & streamers.
  • Light strings.
  • Balloons.
  • Tablecloths.
  • Signs.
  • Sorority or fraternity recruitment flyers.
  • Event advertisement fliers.
  • Pictures of past events or volunteer projects.

Make sure you have something fun for every area and event.

Don’t forget the fun!

Rush is serious, and you’re trying to communicate what your fraternity or sorority is all about. Yet your recruits and pledges want to know they’ll have a great time with your organization.

What makes that happen? The people. So, while you’re getting stocked up on party supplies, don’t forget to smile lots, extend the hand of friendship to potential recruits, and make people feel welcome. It’s that feeling of being welcomed and fitting in that will ultimately get people to join your ranks. The fun surroundings and events just make it a little easier for your best selves to shine.

Want a save your sorority or fraternity budget? Stop by Paper Plus to get all your Rush Week supplies!

How to Decorate a Graduation Cap

Sunday, May 1st, 2022

person wearing decorated graduation cap with text

Fall 2017 Commencement” by Germanna CC is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

We’re so excited that graduates in Berkeley will be able to enjoy gatherings in person this year, with family members and friends. We’re saying goodbye to drive-by graduations, and we couldn’t be happier about it!

This means the long tradition of decorating a graduation cap is back! Here are some pointers.

What do people usually do with their graduation caps?

People do all sorts of fun things with their graduation caps! We’ve seen:

  • Quotes
  • Song lyrics
  • Hopes for the future
  • Sports or hobby themes
  • Friend-group themes
  • Art designs
  • Designs that match your graduation party theme

Decorating your graduation cap is a great way to celebrate your graduation win and to express yourself, whether you’re graduating from high school, college, a Master’s program, a PhD program, a nursing program, or any other program you can think of.

Graduation Cap Decoration Supplies

The supplies you’ll need will depend on your method, but you can use any of the following supplies to make your graduation cap great.

  • Glitter glue
  • Acrylic fabric paint
  • Glitter
  • Stick-on letters and numbers
  • Hot glue guns for gluing on beads, embellishments, or cut-outs
  • Felt or paper for cut-outs
  • Shaped confetti
  • Small balloon numbers
  • Fuzzy pipe cleaners bent into interesting shapes
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Miniatures
  • Artificial flowers
  • Stencils

decorated graduation cap

Graduation Cap (Mortarboard) Box by Me” by Jorge Jaramillo is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

How do you make a graduation cap topper?

Create a plan! You want to know exactly what you plan to do.

Always start with a 9.5″ by 9.5″ square topper in hard or decorative paper or felt. If your favorite paper is thin you’ll want to glue it to a stiffer piece of paper. You can also use felt.

Cut a small X in the center so you can work it under the tassel.

You can then work with the topper and if it doesn’t come out the way you want it, you can create another. The sky is the limit here! Glue on rhinestones or paint on a stencil. Did you play soccer? Attach little soccer balls. Fill it with flowers or stick on letters to spell out a specific message. Let the world see your originality!

Can you paint directly on a graduation cap?

Yes. You’ll want to use acrylic fabric paint. We do recommend creating or using stencils to get the best and most consistent results.

We rarely recommend painting directly on the cap though; we usually recommend using a topper.

How do you put letters on a graduation cap?

Stickers and glue adhere to most graduation caps just fine, though again a topper can help ensure you get the exact design you want before you touch the cap itself. The cut out can then be adhered to the cap.

If you do attach a topper, then use a hot glue gun for best results!

How do you attach flowers to a graduation cap?

For flowers, you will absolutely need felt or a stiff paper topper. You’ll want to start by gluing a topper onto your cap with a hot glue gun.

Then you’ll want to lay out your flowers before you begin. We recommend using artificial flowers. You’ll want to take them apart and then layer them back together with glue.

Once you’ve decided on your layout you can begin gluing down your flowers. Use a popsicle stick to flatten the flowers and smooth down the glue so you don’t burn yourself.

To get a nice layered look, start by placing the flowers in a random, spaced pattern. You can then fill in later. This helps to ensure that your flowers aren’t too crowded.

Other Tips for DIY Graduation Cap Decorations

First and foremost, make sure you’re allowed to decorate your cap. Most local schools allow you to but every school has its own policy.

We also recommend gathering your friends so you can all do it together. It’s a fun pre-graduation activity and a neat way to spend time together!

kindergartener with graduation cap

Happy Graduation!

Don’t forget that if you need supplies you can hop on down to Paper Plus. Our shelves are well-stocked and our prices are affordable. We’ve got everything you need to help you make your graduation cap perfect this year!

Once you are done with your cap, decorate your car windows!

Build a Balloon Bouquet for Any Interest or Occasion

Sunday, August 1st, 2021

pink and gold stars balloon bouquet

Balloon bouquets are a fun alternative to sending flowers to mark just about any occasion. They’re fun and festive, often last a little longer without special care, and carry some other benefits, as well.

For example, there are so many shapes and sizes of balloons available that each bouquet can be tailored to the recipient. You can theme the balloons around hobbies like football or Fortnite. You can focus on fandoms, creating a Spiderman balloon bouquet or a Frozen balloon bouquet. Or you can just focus on the occasion.

You can fit the balloons to the recipient’s personality too. If they’re serious, use elegant balloons. If they’re a bit more laid back, use humorous ones. You know your loved one best, so use your imagination.

Another benefit? You can send a balloon bouquet across the country, having it delivered just about anywhere, any time. That’s a boon during a time when travel is still feeling a bit dicey.

Birthday Balloon Bouquets

purple and red balloon bouquetThe right bouquet will depend on the age and temperament of the recipient.

For example, if it’s a 50th birthday you can send a funny balloon shaped like the Grim Reaper that says, “Relax, I’m just here for the cake!” If you’re putting together a Sweet 16 balloon bouquet you could go with an elegant rose gold balloon bouquet.

Look at anything that interests the person. Dog lover? Grab balloons in the shape of paw prints, frame them with a few confetti balloons beneath, and put it all together with a weight to make a fine arrangement.

Graduation Balloon Bouquets

We covered these at length in our graduation balloons post, but these are a fine way to make your grad feel special. There are dozens of congratulatory graduation-themed balloons out there that you can take advantage of.

Valentine Balloon Bouquets

red valentine heart balloon bouquetYou can combine flowers with balloons to create some truly unique Valentine’s day gifts. Get balloons shaped like roses or simply find a collection of Valentine-themed balloons that you like.

They’re especially fun and festive to deliver to your significant other at the workplace!

Mother’s Day & Father’s Day Balloon Bouquets

Tired of overthinking your Mother’s Day or Father’s Day presents? Balloon bouquets for the occasion mean that you can show your parents you’re thinking of them without stressing over figuring out yet another gift to give.

Anniversary Balloon Bouquets

There are some truly great Happy Anniversary mylar balloons available. There are even mini 5-inch mylars that you can attach to larger balloons so you can customize them for the anniversary date or occasion.

Another popular option are giant hearts, which are available in up to 36″ in all colors.

Baby Shower Balloon Bouquets

pink and white balloon bouquetBalloon bouquets make great decorations for baby showers even if they aren’t necessarily good baby shower gifts. Combine them with a balloon arch to make the parent-to-be feel especially special on the big day!

Get Well Soon Balloon Bouquets

The tradition of giving out get well soon balloons is alive and well. Listen, any stay in the hospital is hard and stressful. So is any recovery from surgery or any major illness. Getting balloons can help your friends or loved ones know that you’re rooting for them in their hour of need.

They’re even better than flowers because scents can be very difficult for people who are sick to bear.

Make sure any balloons you send to hospitals are made of mylar and not latex.

50 Balloon Bouquets: A Showstopper for Any Occasion

You can really go for it with some giant balloon bouquets, and you can mix and match all sorts of options.

Not sure what to do, what balloons to include, or how to arrange them in a pleasing fashion? Reach out to your local party store! It’s a great way to create a memorable bouquet while working with experts who create these fun gifts every day of the year.


Here at Paper Plus we have an enormous selection of balloons available. We don’t have any cookie cutter bouquets, but we will help you make your own. We have letters to spell names, Hawaiian balloons for luau themes, flowers, emojis, hearts, stars, diamonds, cubes, teardrops, and more. We’ve got a plethora of colors, characters, and encouraging messages to share. Browse some of our selection or give us a call today.

How to Make the Best Sign for a Peaceful Protest

Friday, April 2nd, 2021

woman in mask at peacful protest

If you’re going to go to a protest you want to be sure to convey your message, and the best way to do it is with a well-constructed sign. You want it big, bold, and sturdy. You never know if you’ll face rain or wind.

Here are a few ideas for your protest sign.

Making a Sturdy Protest Sign

We don’t recommend making a big wooden shield sign, because after a few hours of marching these can get heavy and burdensome.

Instead, look into posterboard and a sturdy stick. You can also get big arrows that are pre-mounted onto sticks that you can attach your posterboard to. These are usually the easiest methods, the ones that require the least amount of time and work.

You can use cardboard, but if you do we recommend gluing posterboard to it. It’s easier to make posterboard look nice and legible.

You want your sign to be read, so use the biggest letters your sign size will allow for, and make your sign as neat and as clean as possible.

Making a Sign that Stands Out

people wearing masks at peacefull protestYou want your sign to be read, and you can use a variety of supplies to make it happen. Calligraphy pens, colored crayons, sharpies, and markers can all be helpful if you plan on hand-lettering your sign.

If you don’t have such a neat, clean hand then we recommend using stencils and sticker letters to get the desired effect.

Some people have even used fabric paint for that extra dose of visual appeal.

What else should I bring to a protest?

While we’re on the subject, let’s talk about what you should bring to any peaceful protest if you want to stay safe.

First things first: water, hand sanitizers, and face masks. This will protect you from dehydration, the potential for heat stroke, and from the Covid-19 pandemic. Bring as much water as you can carry!

Clip on water bottles and hand sanitizers can help keep your hands free.

You should also wear clothes that cover your arms and legs (costumes suggested!), and sturdy shoes.

Need supplies for an upcoming protest? We carry everything from sign supplies to face masks. Stop by and see us today at 1629 San Pablo Ave in Berkeley or call us at 510-525-1799.

Don’t Let Covid-19 Cancel Your Wedding – Make It Small!

Wednesday, July 1st, 2020

bride and groom with masks on for covid

Covid-19 caution is warranted, but with a few adaptations, you should be able to enjoy your nuptials right on schedule. Opting for a small wedding ceremony and exercising a little creativity with your celebration can mean your friends and family get to celebrate with you without risking their health.

Think Small, Simple Wedding

You may even want to restrict your ceremony to the members of your “coronavirus bubble,” the few people who are observing the same sorts of precautions you are who you’ve decided to keep contact with.

This might mean your minister, your parents, and one or two witnesses. These tiny weddings have gotten fashionable of late anyway, simply because they are a lot less stressful than their 200-guest counterparts.

Opt for an Outdoor Ceremony

bride and groom beach small wedding during covidIf you can’t stand the thought of leaving anyone out then it’s a good idea to opt for a small, outdoor wedding. You have room to invite a few more people because there’s more room for social distancing and the chances of infection are a lot smaller outside.

Obviously every guest should be expected to wear a mask per the state guidelines and should be respectful enough to do so.

Can’t find a venue so close to your original date? This would be the perfect time for a small backyard wedding.

Wear Fashionable Wedding Masks

Wedding designers reacted quickly when the coronavirus crisis hit. Now there are plenty of places where you can buy gorgeous wedding masks. You can even get them custom-designed for the couple and the members of the wedding party.

After all, everyone will need to get masked up, including you and your partner!

Take advantage of this to express yourself. Wedding masks can give your attire a mysterious appeal, which means wearing them can be fun and interesting as well as necessary.

Adopt Some Virtual Wedding Traditions

outdoor small wedding during covidThere will be some family members, friends, and loved ones who just won’t be able to attend, no matter how many precautions you take. Some won’t want to travel. Others will be immunocompromised.

You can still make them a part of your ceremony. Tell them if they’d like to be included they are welcome to dress up and create a video clip saying congratulations to the couple. Give them the option to add a few words of wisdom or well-wishes.

Compile a big wedding video and include the clips, then send them out to everyone you would have invited prior to covid-19. You’ll create a beautiful memento that you’ll cherish in the years to come.

Embrace the Benefits

bride-and-groom-elopement-cupcakesWhile it might be disappointing to switch over to a small, intimate wedding, or a small wedding reception, there are benefits. Pre-covid, most weddings cost over $25,000. That’s more than enough to put a down payment on a house or to indulge in an epic honeymoon when things are just a little bit safer.

Remember, the wedding is just the first chapter. The marriage is the rest of your life. Celebrate your love and the time you have together! Ultimately, that’s what’s really important.

Come on down to Paper Plus for your wedding supplies! Read about how we’re keeping our employees and customers safe during Covid-19.

Fun Excuses to Dress Up in Costume Every Day of the Year 

Saturday, February 1st, 2020

women dressed in feather costumes

Who says it has to be Halloween to dress up? With so many fun festivals, school events, fairs, cosplay conventions, and themed parties popping up all year round, there is always a good excuse to get in character for a fun event. Stock up on face paint, make-up, costume accessories, complete costumes, and all dress-up items, and add them to your costume storage so that you can get what you need any day of the year.

You’ll have no problem taking your costume game to the next level when you have all the costume supplies you need on hand, for any event that may come up throughout the year. Have fun with it! Get creative and mix and match various costume accessories for a unique ensemble. Personalize a premade costume with a new wig, accessory items, and fun make-up. Go wild – the possibilities are endless, and your take on a costume can be one of a kind.


Purim homemade masks and hamantaschenThis Jewish holiday celebrates the Jewish people’s escape from Haman. If you’re looking for ideas for a Purim costume for adults, think about putting together a Queen Esther costume by adding a gold armband and bangles to a dress you already have. Your child will love a Haman costume that you make complete with a fake beard and mustache. Spice up a hamantaschen costume with a fun wig for easy Purim dress up. Don’t be afraid to recycle and reinvent costumes that are already in your closet. You don’t have to spend a lot of extra money on a full costume. Take stock of your current inventory and dress it up with fun costume accessories. Now that you’re in costume, it’s time for Purim crafts!

Burning Man

bike riding on the playa at burning manWhether it’s your first Burning Man or your 10th, take your costume game to the next level. There are no rules when it comes to Burning Man dress-up, so let your creativity run wild. An easy way to beef up your costume game is to gather various accessories and use them in new and unique ways. Try covering yourself entirely in feathers, by gluing them on every inch of clothing, ankle bracelets, and your headband. Wigs don’t have to go on your head; using elastic, wrap it around your waist to make a long, fluffy, colorful tail. Take a hat you already have and wrap it in a new material, glue fake jewels and beads to it, and transform it into a new costume piece. You can even make a fun bra out of colorful ribbon, scraps of cloth, beads, and feathers. Don’t forget to dress up your bike as well!

Themed Parties

If you’re in a sorority or fraternity, you’ve probably been to a theme party at one point in your academic career. Even if you’re not part of the Greek row, there are plenty of adults and children who love throwing themed birthday parties and celebrations throughout the year. Create a unicorn horn with a cotton candy cone and ribbon, making sure to decorate it with sparkly, colorful paints and stickers for a kid’s unicorn party. Be the life of the next Game of Thrones party or Lord of the Rings party by adding chains, fake swords, and sashes to clothes you already have in the closet. For example, dress up as Khaleesi by adding a wide belt to one of your long dresses, donning a long white wig, and making a jeweled headpiece out of beads and string.

School Events

boy with sword and shield costumeDid your child just come home from school telling you they need a fake sword for the school play? Or they need a Chautauqua costume for their next performance? Save money by finding a complete costume that your child may have worn in the past and sprucing it up with a wig, hat, feather boa, or costume jewelry. It’s easy to dress your kid up in black pants and a button-up shirt; transform that basic outfit into a character from the past by adding a vest, a fake mustache, fake beard, wig, and appropriate hat. Little items like a pocket watch, a fake mouse, or spectacles will make your kid’s costume complete.


You can get really creative with your cosplay costumes using accessories, face and body paints, and wigs. For Anime cosplay spruce up a short skirt with a pair of colorful tights. Use wide white duct tape and a messy wig to create a Deku costume. Use boot covers over existing shoes to add to a My Hero Academia cosplay costume. Sailor Moon is easy when you find some red ribbon to tie in a giant bow to put over a white sailor shirt. Beef up clothing items that you already own with duct tape, feathers, paints, wigs, scarves, boas, ribbons, and beads. Get creative with costume accessories for your next cosplay, whether it’s Raven, Spiderman, Spider Gwen, Starfire, Todoroki, or Zero Suit. No need to spend a ton of money on a full-kit costume – stand out from the rest with your own personal take on your favorite cosplay character.

Themed Fairs & Live Action Role Play

If you’re attending a Renaissance fair, Dickens Fair, or a live action role play (LARP), think about all the extra accessories you can add to your clothing or box costume and really make an impression. You can get lost in the moment at a themed fair and LARP, especially if you get into character with LARP foam swords for live action sword fights, crowns and headdresses for the queen’s parade, and a goblet around your neck for imbibing with other festival attendees. Bedazzle a wig you already have with beads and a headdress for a female Twin Mask LARP costume. Perhaps you have an old cape lying around from that year you were a vampire on Halloween; throw it over black jeans, a black shirt, grab a fake sword and tie a black bandana around your face for a dark LARP character.

No matter the festival, play, party, or event, it’s easy to take stock of items you already own and inject an added flair with ribbon, tape, beads, feathers, wigs, make-up, face paint, boas, capes, swords, fake glasses, and fake facial hair to get into character. It’s fun to transport yourself to another time, another place, or another world, any time of the year.

swords, masks, and other halloween costume accessoriesDon’t wait until the last minute to get you or your children outfitted in the perfect costume for the next school play, fair, festival, cosplay convention, LARP, theme party, Purim, or any other fun celebration that may come around throughout the year.

We never put our costumes away!!

We never put our costumes or costume accessories away, so swing by our Berkley store at 1629 San Pablo Ave. or call us at (510) 525-1799 if you have any questions.

How to Decorate Your Burning Man Bike

Monday, July 1st, 2019

decorated bike at burning man

If you’re a Burning Man veteran, you already know bringing a bike is one of the easiest ways to get around Black Rock City. And you know decorating your bike is not only part of the fun, but a good way to discourage people from “borrowing” your bike.

If you’re going to Burning Man for the first time this year, now you know! Creating your very own burning man art bike will help you fit in better and feel a little less awkward about your first visit to the playa.

Either way, you might need some great Burning Man bike decoration ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

See also: The Essential Burning Man Costume Checklist.

You Don’t Have to Be a Great Artist

bike riding on the playa at burning man Sometimes, unleashing your inner child is enough. Using decals and stickers creatively can be one of the fastest, easiest ways to get your bike ready for Burning Man.

Wrapping up different parts of your bike with fur of all colors can be fun and easy too.

Get Going With Glue

You can glue all sorts of cool stuff to your bike. Want to do a fun, frilly, and feminine bike? Glue on some lacy doilies or flower garlands to get in touch with your softer side.

Want to go a bit 3D? Add little miniatures. Texturing your design this way can really add a great deal of visual interest.

Just make sure everything is secure so there is no chance of it turning into trash on the playa. That’s a big no-no!

Let There Be Light on the Playa

Keeping your bike lit up is a big safety concern. So shine on, and add some EL wire LED lights to your bike. They’re bright and long-lasting and come in all colors.

Thread them through the spokes of your wheels and wrap them all over the frame!

And make sure you attach some to yourself as well, front and back. The more light, the better.

A Tisket, a Tasket, a Burning Man basket

If your bike doesn’t already have a basket now is the perfect time to add one. And it’s not just a place to add more decorations. Of course, plenty of people use it that way: tricking out your Burning Man bike basket can be almost as fun as getting the rest of the bike decorated.

But either way, you might want one. It’s a good spot to keep your water bottles, or to keep little favors that you can give out to other people.

Bring it all Together for the Perfectly Decorated Burning Man Bike

Black rock desert burning man

Your bike will look even better if you tie all your decorations together with a unified theme. Will you build a UFO bike? A frilly fairy bike? A bike with a jungle theme? A Burning Man fire bike or fish bike?

Your creativity is the only limiting factor, so let yours soar. Take a little time with it. The whole event is way more fun if you can create a bike you can feel proud of.

Want to grab all your Burning Man bike supplies in one place?

Head on down to Paper Plus at 1629 San Pablo Ave in Berkeley. We’ve got a huge variety of craft supplies to help you create the amazing bike you’ve been dreaming of.

Quinceañera Decoration Ideas for the 3 Most Popular Party Themes

Friday, February 1st, 2019

tree in enchanted forest

Before we reveal our knock-your-socks-off quinceañera decoration ideas, here’s some background.

When a young Mexican woman turns 15 she celebrates her quinceañera, a combination of the Spanish words quince (fifteen) and años (years). This is a special day for Mexican women as it symbolizes a rite of passage – or the transition into womanhood – and so it is celebrated with a similar grandeur as a bat mitzvah or debutante ball. The friends and family of the young woman come together to celebrate this special day. The guests give thanks and blessings to the young woman, who is dressed in a floor-length ball gown.

While it is a tradition for the party decorations to match the color of the young woman’s gown, you can still have fun contextualizing the color with a theme. Whether the gown is blue, pink, green or even gold, get inspired by these three themed quinceañera party ideas.

1. Quinceañera Decoration Ideas for an Enchanted Forest Theme

An enchanted forest theme lends itself to plenty of whimsical, nature-inspired quinceañera decoration ideas. This theme works best if the gown is green, burgundy, purple or gold.

Quinceañera Centerpieces

With an enchanted forest theme, rustic bouquets are perfectly acceptable as centerpieces. The best quinceañera decoration ideas for tables include whimsy details. Add a few glittery faux flowers or string lights, or handwrite placement cards on tea-stained paper.

Take Advantage of Quinceañera Party Rentals

The details will make or break the theme, so take stock of what you have and stop by Paper Plus for the rest! We have both table and chair rentals to ensure your guest are comfortable.

Giant Mushroom Props

Whip out your old newspapers or coupons and put your papier-mâché skills to work! You can find plenty of papier-mâché giant mushroom, flower, or tree prop tutorials online, and you can paint them to match the theme colors.

2. Quinceañera Decoration Ideas for a Winter Wonderland Theme

white rock candy for quinceañera decorations for winter wonderland themeA classic winter wonderland theme is perfect for an elegant quinceañera. This theme complements a gown that’s light blue, white, silver or even purple.

Icy Elements

Make the whole venue sparkle with crystal centerpieces, glittering white branches, and frosted string lights. Don’t forget the cotton candy – you can rent a machine from us!

Quinceañera Balloons

Blue, white and silver latex balloons make an elegant balloon bouquet that can be fastened to centerpieces or allowed to float around the venue like snowfall.

Quinceañera Centerpieces

Focus on the “Wonderland” for the centerpieces with jars of white and blue hard candies. Think white rock candy, blue swirled lollypops, Tiffany blue M&Ms … anything sweet and wintery. Fill clear glass containers with the candy and set them on a ruffled transparent blue table runner (or equivalent fabric).

3. Quinceañera Decoration Ideas for a Masquerade Theme

Amplify the mystique of womanhood with a masquerade theme. Invite guests to dance the night away behind elaborate disguises with the new queen of 15. This theme works beautifully with red, rich purple, royal blue, black, gold, and pink gowns.

Masks, Of Course

Buy standard plain masks in bulk and decorate them individually with faux feathers, jewels, glitter, and vibrant paints.

mask for masquerade themed quinceañera decorations

Masquerade Themed Quinceañera Invitations

A masquerade calls for divine invitations. Add elements of surprise to your invitations with invisible ink or elaborate paper folds that reveal the date and time or a special musical guest.

Quinceañera Centerpieces

Masquerade centerpieces should be overflowing with decadent details. Scatter the tables with gilded candelabras. Fill wine glasses with jewels and feathers. Nothing is too gaudy with this theme.

No matter what theme you choose, we wish you a happy quinceañera.

If you need assistance bringing your quinceañera vision to life, stop by Paper Plus at 1629 San Pablo Ave in Berkeley and we can help you with craft ideas and balloon decorations.

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Host Your Oktoberfest Party: Traditions And Decoration Ideas

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017

beer pretzel pumpkin candle oktoberfest tableHappy Oktoberfest! If you’re wondering when Oktoberfest is, it actually isn’t in October: It starts on the second Saturday of September.  That means it’s finally time to get gussied up with traditional Oktoberfest clothing and celebrate life, love and family with Oktoberfest games. Get ready for elaborate costumes, games and, of course, Oktoberfest beer.

Why Is Oktoberfest Celebrated?

On October 12, 1810, Crown Prince Ludwig was married to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. Everyone in Bavaria was invited to take part in the festivities. At the close of the event, horse races took place, and it was decided that the races would happen again the following year. Sure enough in 1811, horse races were put on, along with an agricultural show. After a few decades, beer stands were replaced with the popular beer tents of today. Now there is an entire fun faire, with carousels and games.

If you can’t make it all the way to Germany, but the thought of missing all the fun has you hankering for a stein, make your own Oktoberfest party at home! Here are some simple and fun ways to host your very own Oktoberfest party this year!

decorated pretzels oktoberfest tableSet The Oktoberfest Table

At Oktoberfest, there are game booths, rides, and tents lined with long picnic tables. All around, there are people sitting along tables with sausages, beers and belly laughs. Recreate this feel with centerpieces, stamped tablecloths and seasonal gourds. Some other ideas include:

  • Create a cupcake carousel for the dessert table
  • Fill steins with treats at the kids’ table
  • Make a fondue table for a unique way to snack on all the traditional foods!

Hold Traditional Activities

Hold a beer tasting of specialty German beers, or just with beers you’ve wanted to try! Nowadays there are plenty of Oktoberfest style beers on the market. If you want to stick to tradition, import beer from the classic 6 breweries: Augustiner, Hofbräu Münchner, Hacker-Pschorr, Paulaner, Löwenbräu, and Spaten-Franziskaner. For kids, use chilled steins to make big root beer floats!

Set The Scene

Set up a photo booth with handmade props, using construction paper, cardstock, glue and embellishments. Make hats, mustaches, speech bubbles and more!

Turn up the music

Play an Oktoberfest playlist! Make your own or use one from online. There are few good ones on Spotify and Pandora. Folk music works just fine, too.

pretzels and oktoberfest cloth on wooden tableGet Your Costumes On!

Build your own pair of lederhosen with suspenders, shorts and a simple white peasant blouse! For kiddos, you can also make a pair with construction paper and the right adhesives. For ladies, dirndl skirts, peasant blouses, corsets and aprons are perfect for this celebration. Come on down to our craft and costume departments for all your Oktoberfest supplies.

Craft Festive Decorations

Draw a classic beer stein, then cut it out and use it as a stencil to make dozens of them. Next, string them up to create the look of a wall lined with beers. Like a classic Oktoberfest scene.

Prepare a Traditional Oktoberfest Spread

Set the table with hearty, traditional munchies like soft pretzels and mustards, bratwurst sausages and sauerkraut.

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