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Balloon Delivery

delivered balloon artPaper Plus is happy to offer balloon delivery.

Balloons Delivery Service

A typical minimum charge for balloon delivery is $25. The total fee depends on the location of the delivery site and the desired arrival time. Additional setup costs may be required for balloon bouquet delivery.


We recommend ordering balloons for delivery at least one week in advance. This ensures that any special orders or preferred delivery times can be secured.

One week for balloon delivery is recommended, but Paper Plus can generally accommodate orders up to the same day. To discuss your special balloon delivery with our staff, contact us, call us 510‐525‐1799, or come into the store at 1629 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA.

Receiving Deliveries

We love surprises! And we’ll do our best to surprise with birthday balloon delivery. But when ordering balloon delivery to an office, home, or other location, please provide Paper Plus staff with a contact person who will receive the order.


How to Order Balloons

We’d love for you to swing by our store to place your order!!

Don’t get us wrong, we’re happy to chat over the phone (510‐525‐1799) and take your order that way, but there’s something special about seeing all the colors and styles in person.

Plus, when you come into our store, we can get a sense of what you’re going for and help you pick out the perfect balloons for your occasion.

Whether you want to create an elegant balloon arch for your wedding, or a fun and festive display for a birthday party, we’re here to help. So swing by and let’s make some magic happen!

Just a heads up, we don’t take orders over email or messaging, so let’s chat in person or over the phone to get your order started.

510‐525‐1799 | 1629 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA.

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