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Goodie Bags for Kids

goody bag favor small toys

Favor bags are a staple of most kid’s birthday parties. How can you put together a great one?

Find a Goody Bag Theme

star wars figurines for gift bagsUsually, the theme of your goody bag should match the theme of your party. In the past we’ve helped parents make some of the following:

  • Mickey Mouse Goody Bags
  • Baby Shark Goody Bags
  • Dinosaur Goody Bags
  • Paw Patrol Gift Bags
  • Mermaid Goodie Bags
  • Spiderman Goodie Bags
  • Pokemon Goodie Bags
  • Minecraft Goodie Bags
  • Unicorn Favor Bags
  • Moana Goodie Bags
  • Sesame Street Goodie Bags
  • Trolls Goodie Bags
  • Winnie the Pooh Gift Bags

You’re only limited by your imagination here! You can generally find small toys that fit almost any theme, as well as decorative bags that fit any theme.

Gather Gift Bag Supplies

fun pencil as favor bag ideasYou can put almost anything in a goody bag. Given a wide variety of health concerns, dietary preferences, and allergies you probably want to stay away from food-based bags. Many parents go overboard on the candy, but it’s not necessary.

Try puzzles, coloring books, game books, and small toys. You can include candy, but try to limit it to a few pieces.

Remember to limit the “goodies” by bag size. Overstuffing your bag will make it bulky, unattractive, and difficult to pretty up. Under-stocking your bag makes you seem like you’re giving out something dinky and cheap.

Make Them Beautiful

goody bags in green and blueThe easiest bags to use are usually craft bags with rope handles. They come in a ton of different sizes. The best ones have gusseted bottoms and pleated sides so they open up square. They come in dozens of colors, and some will be pre-themed for you.

Use stamps and glitter to add each child’s name. The more visually attractive and personalized the bag, the more kids will be excited to tear into them.

Fill in the bags with tissue paper so the kids can’t see what’s in them right away. You can find tissue paper in a variety of colors and designs, too!

Want to get a little fancier? Get cellophane, wrap everything up in it, and put a big ribbon on it.

Deliver Your Goody Bags

During the pandemic we’ve been telling our customers to offer “curbside gift bag delivery.” That is…we recommend driving out to each birthday guest’s house and dropping off the bags, then having all the kids open their bags at the virtual birthday party later.

It’s just an easy way to honor your child’s birthday while building some anticipation for the party to come.

Eventually, of course, you’ll be able to offer your goodie bags in person!


At Paper Plus, we have all the goody bag supplies you could possibly need. Stop by and see us today at 1629 San Pablo Ave in Berkeley or call us at 510-525-1799.

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