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Monthly Calendar Trends and Why You Need a Paper Calendar

animal and quilt monthly calendars on display

Sure, there are 100+ digital calendar apps, but there’s just something about going analog. Writing things down sticks them in our mind better, is soothing to anxiety, and allows us to put important appointments and goals front and center, where we can see them.

Besides, wall calendars in particular are extremely cute! There are so many available, all catering to different interests. They’ve become trendy again, and can even help add a decorative touch to your home or office. Many contain beautiful photography or gorgeous artwork. The trick is to choose something that appeals to your interests, as well as one that appeals to your organizational style.

Animal Calendars

monthly cute animal calendars on display shelf

There are two kinds of animal calendars. There are those with the same kinds of animals on every page, or there are groupings like safari animals, farm animals, underwater animals, or woodland creatures.

Sometimes these can get both funny and silly. For example, have you seen the new trend of animal calendars that place animals in various yoga positions? That’s right! You can enjoy photos of cow or llama yoga all year long!

They’re all photoshopped of course. No animals were harmed in the making of this yoga!

This year’s bestseller? Goats in trees! Who doesn’t love the sight of an adorable goat hanging out in a tree?

Other popular options:

  • Underwater dogs
  • Cats
  • Llamas
  • Underwater sea life
  • Playful pigs dressed in costume

Destination Calendars

Right now most of us are still struggling with the pandemic. We’d all love to get away, but it’s just not feasible for most of us.

Destination calendars can help you feel a little less claustrophobic.

Here are some popular options:

  • Beach or island themes
  • Provence
  • Tuscany
  • China
  • Cuba
  • Vietnam

Humorous Calendars

Who couldn’t use a laugh?

If you go for a funny calendar you have a lot of options. There are weekly calendars that offer silly anecdotes. There are desktop calendars that give you a daily joke.

There are quite a few that revolve around cartoon characters too, or which reprint old, funny comic panels.

They even make great gifts. For example, the Wrinkled Wit calendar is full of old age jokes. Perfect for the grandparents!

Yoga & Spiritual Calendars

monthly inspirational calendars

This is human yoga, of course, but these calendars offer a calming visual that can help you get through your week. They also often come with enlightenment quotes that can help you maintain a more philosophical outlook on life.

Big Grids

Big grid calendars make outstanding family planners or desk calendars. They offer so much space to write up commitments and deadlines! They’re also great for those who can’t see very well, need lots of space to write, or have a lot going on.

These calendars offer less of a focus on imagery and use that space to give you great big squares.

Want even more space? Monster grid calendars or mammoth grid calendars can even offer you a 12×12 square!

Page-a-Day Calendars

If you like looking at something every single day, a page-a-day calendar is a great option. You can get images, jokes, or crossword puzzles.

Horoscope calendars are especially popular: for those who believe in or are amused by horoscopes, they offer a little boost on what you can expect at the start of each day.

Vintage Calendars

Vintage calendars are really trendy right now! The photos on these monthly calendars are posters for advertisements, old crate labels, all of that old 1920s and 1930s advertising industry art that everybody loves. They usually are centered around a theme or a category.

The first ones that got really popular were orange crate and vegetable crate labels. The hottest calendars right now are travel posters, WWII posters, and old movie posters. The popularity of these calendars has really gone through the roof!

Engagement Calendars

An engagement calendar is really just a pocket calendar or basic planner that lets you record all of your engagements and appointments.

They rarely have pictures inside of them but they do often have some great patterns or images on the covers. Yet this is changing. We’ve now seen engagement calendars that have the week on one side and the picture on the other.

Monthly Planners

There are of course planners for every organizational style. Some of the best ones offer daily, weekly, and monthly goal planning options. The daily pages have space for to-do lists and appointments alike.

How Calendar Trends Work

flower monthly calendars on display paper plus

If a calendar that’s available this year becomes really popular, companies will make many more of the same next year. They’ll vary up the themes, which is why you’ve got lizards doing yoga on your monthly calendars right now.

Eventually, people will get bored with a trend and something else will start flying off the shelves like hotcakes.

What to Do With Calendars After the Year is Up

Did you know some people buy old calendars at the end of the year, when they’re cheap, just for the artwork? Some people use them to make stationery or use photos to make envelope liners.

Some use them in crafts. They make earrings out of them, for example.

Since they are 12×12 pages some people use them for origami since they’re perfectly square.

You’re only limited by your own creativity and imagination. So don’t think of a calendar as a disposable indulgence. Think of it as a gift that keeps on giving!

Right now we have fewer calendars in stock than usual, thanks to Covid. If you want a new 2022 calendar stop by Paper Plus at 1629 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA today to get yours today!

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