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Helium Shortage – June 2022

mickey mouse balloons and minnie mouse balloons

Right now, we are facing a helium shortage. This has happened before, so we have lots of ideas for gorgeous, playful, and eye-popping non-helium balloon displays. Think columns and sweeping organic air-filled displays for every occasion. These can inspire such awe that you might not miss helium at all!

If you really want helium, we do have a little right now!  We want to be as equitable as we can be with the little we have, so we have a few guidelines for our helium buyers.

Until further notice:

  1. Limit of 20 helium balloon fills per customer.
  2. You must purchase your balloons to be filled with helium from us. We don’t want to fill a potentially leaking balloons and we know the chances are low with our high-quality balloon options.
  3. No helium fills of our larger balloons – like the 24″ and 36″ ones.
  4. We are paying more for helium and that means our pricing will be adjusted accordingly.
  5. No helium tank rentals.

Thank you for your understanding & patience during this shortage. We are doing everything we can to source more helium. As soon as we get the call, we drop everything and go pick it up!

In the meantime, get inspired with these ideas for non-helium balloons!

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