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You Can Make Halloween Costumes With Balloons – Here’s How

Looking for a creative way to win this year’s Halloween costume contest? A balloon costume might just be the way to go. DIY balloon Halloween costumes are some of the easiest Halloween costumes you can create—and they’re fun, too. Note that we’re talking about costumes literally made with balloons, not inflatable costumes like the ubiquitous […]

How to Get Ready for Rush Week

When every sorority and fraternity does its part, Rush Week lends a festival-like atmosphere to the Greek strip of any campus. Sorority rush and fraternity rush are the key to recruiting new members. New to the planning process? Here’s a rundown of what you and your Greek brothers or sisters will have to think about. […]

80s Party Ideas for Adults

Got some 80s nostalgia? Plenty of adults do right now, which is why 80s parties are all the rage. You don’t even need a reason to throw one! You can throw one just because things are finally opening up again, and you’re ready to have a good time with your friends. Use these tips to […]

Block Party Ideas For a Great Street Party

National Night Out is coming on August 2, and it’s the perfect excuse to throw a block party. We really encourage it, since it’s a chance to do what many of us have never done before: meet and communicate with your neighbors. This can be intimidating if you’ve never thrown one before, so we’ve got […]

Helium Shortage – June 2022

Right now, we are facing a helium shortage. This has happened before, so we have lots of ideas for gorgeous, playful, and eye-popping non-helium balloon displays. Think columns and sweeping organic air-filled displays for every occasion. These can inspire such awe that you might not miss helium at all! If you really want helium, we […]

How Do You Throw an Ice Cream Party?

An ice cream sundae party is a time-honored tradition. The ice cream social is an early American phenomenon dating back to 1744. An ice cream birthday party may be the first thought that jumps to mind, but the very first social was a dinner party, hosted by Maryland governor Thomas Bladen, who served ice cream […]

How to Decorate a Graduation Cap

“Fall 2017 Commencement” by Germanna CC is licensed under CC BY 2.0. We’re so excited that graduates in Berkeley will be able to enjoy gatherings in person this year, with family members and friends. We’re saying goodbye to drive-by graduations, and we couldn’t be happier about it! This means the long tradition of decorating a graduation […]

Sweet 16 Party Ideas

For many girls, the sweet 16 party is going to be one of the highlights of their childhood (or the quinceanera at 15). It’s a time to go all out to create the most amazing birthday bash you can possibly manage. If you’re searching for unique sweet 16 party ideas then you’ve come to the […]

Anniversary Party Ideas

While we often think of an anniversary as being between members of a married couple, there are other important anniversaries in our lives. For example, best friends can celebrate the day they met or friend groups could celebrate the way they came together. People also celebrate sobriety birthdays or 100-day celebrations as well. No matter […]

These Olympic Watch Party Ideas Will Make Your Gathering One to Remember

If you’ve set out to host an Olympics watch party this year then you’ve set a big goal for yourself! After all, the Olympics is a major event that only comes around once every two years. As the winter Olympics is up next, we’ll talk about putting together a winter Olympics viewing party. Yet many […]

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