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Anniversary Party Ideas

couple celebrating 55th annivesary with balloons

While we often think of an anniversary as being between members of a married couple, there are other important anniversaries in our lives. For example, best friends can celebrate the day they met or friend groups could celebrate the way they came together. People also celebrate sobriety birthdays or 100-day celebrations as well.

No matter what type of anniversary you’re celebrating this year or how many years you and your loved ones have been together, there are a wide variety of celebrations to choose from. An anniversary party can be any size…often the success of the event really just boils down to capturing the spirit of the milestone. Read on for our anniversary party ideas!

Happy Anniversary Balloons

Getting balloons for your anniversary is one of the quickest, easiest ways to spruce up a space. You can get them numbered to match the day you’re celebrating. Most people who are celebrating anything other than a wedding anniversary stick with silver for a 25th year anniversary party or gold for a 50th anniversary party.

You can make up your own though: number balloons come in all colors, and you don’t have to make them say “anniversary.” Or, if you want the word “anniversary” you can spell it out with letter balloons.

Don’t forget balloon decorations can create some pretty cool effects as well. For example, if you’re having a big party you can make an arch with the numbers in the middle. You’d then adorn them with spirals on the side. Or go for several balloon bouquets.

30th anniversary party spelled in balloons

Other Anniversary Party Decorations

There are loads of other ideas for anniversary party decorations you can come up with.

For example, anniversaries are all about numbers, so try putting numbers on sticks. These can be waved, or be placed in a plant or vase to make a centerpiece. You can target the time of year as well: during the fall one of our customers put succulents in mini-pumpkins and then decorated them with a wreath, which we thought was very creative.

You can also use glitter, glue, and stencils to decorate just about anything.

Themed Favors for Anniversary Parties

If you’re doing a wedding anniversary then every anniversary has a theme, such as “paper,” or “wood.” You’re not bound to those if you’re doing a friendaversary, but you can still use them for inspiration.

If you do, you can then create favors based around those themes. You don’t have to be literal about it: if it’s a sapphire anniversary then you can just offer sapphire blue favors; you don’t have to literally shower people with jewels.

A Nice Meal

What would an anniversary celebration be without a wonderful meal? You can go small or elaborate depending on who you’re throwing your anniversary party for. If you’re having a backyard anniversary party then there’s nothing wrong with a BBQ, but something more elegant is usually appropriate.

Friendaversaries can be a little bit more low-key. For those, you might consider tapas or other small plates just to keep things light and fun.

cake with candles numbered 50 for annivesary party

Anniversary Cupcakes or Cookies

What’s for dessert? You’ve got a lot of options, but we recommend cupcakes or cookies.

Cupcakes and cookies offer nice places to put celebratory numbers, either as candles or as decorative icing. They’re also nice single-serve treats that you can make or buy in dozens of different colors.

candles spelling happy on cupcakes for anniversary

Are You Planning Your Anniversary Party Ideas on a Budget?

Remember you don’t have to buy most of your anniversary party decorations! It’s perfectly okay to just make yours. Doing so can be a lot of fun and can make your celebration a lot more personal…and it can save you some money, too!

Need supplies for your anniversary celebration? Whether you’re making them yourself or want them ready-to-go, Paper Plus can help. Stop by to see what we have in stock!

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