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As We Head into 2022, Party Days Are Here Again

paper party decorations

Everybody wanted to see the end of 2020. Some people even posted signs that said, “Happy New Year, Good Riddance, 2020.”

Maybe it’s 2021 they should have been looking to say goodbye to though because 2021 is where we turned the corner. We know, because we know what nobody bought in 2020, and we know what is starting to fly off the shelves today.

What’s made a comeback?

boy blowing out birthday candlesBulk plates, napkins, forks, spoons, table rolls, and cups tell us people are starting to launch big gatherings once more. People are also pulling out the stops on their parties a lot more than they used to. We’re seeing lots of requests for all theme decorations. This year is the perfect year to finally run that Luau party, that Pride party, or that Mardi Gras party you’ve been putting off.

One big return to normalcy is kids are having birthday parties again, but they’re simpler. Whereas we used to see big, expensive parties, now we’re watching parents take off with craft items in big quantities, such as beads that will let the whole group make jewelry together. This is a nice trend, one that perhaps signals an emphasis on spending face-to-face time together, talking with friends.

We also see a more whimsical spirit, because people are buying wearables: buttons, sashes, hats, tiaras.

People are starting to relax a little because bubbles are blowing off the shelves. Prior to that nobody wanted to see anyone blow germs around. Candles are back for birthday cakes…another sign that people are a little less afraid.

girl blowing bubblesKids aren’t the only ones partying. Plastic champagne and wine glasses are flying off the shelves, too! People are also buying platters for big dinner parties.

We can also tell that organizations are starting to run events once more. We’re seeing things like raffle tickets sell, which is a sure sign of groups that are running little backyard fairs and other, similar fun events.

What’s new?

One big surprise is that certain things that people were handling via email or the internet are now being handled with physical, paper snail mail. That is, a lot of people are coming in both for real paper invitations and for thank you notes. It indicates a nice shift back to a highly personal touch.

Ready to get back in the game?

If you’ve been a little slow to jump back on the entertaining trend then now may be the time. Start planning for your New Year’s party now, or find something fun in January’s 119 other holidays to create a party around. National Hot Buttered Rum day on January 17th? National Popcorn Day on January 19th? National Cheese Lover’s Day on January 20th? You know you can do something cool with this!

If you do, your local party store is waiting to help. Talk to the employees: they’ll have ideas and suggestions that can make your party even better.

We’re doing everything we can to keep these hot items in stock! Stop on by and see us and we’ll help you make your next bash a real blow-out!

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