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Announcing the Paper Plus Grand Reopening

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In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Paper Plus has made some changes, both in what we offer and how we offer it. The big news? We’re stocking up on essential items like masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and paper towels. If you can’t find it anywhere else, you can find it here!

Of course, we’re continuing to offer all of the great paper and party supplies that we’ve always offered. Get your supplies for your next home school project, birthday party parade, or crazy Zoom event while you’re here. If you’re tearing your hair out looking for something to keep the kids busy we’ve got quite a few options for you to explore.

Here’s what we’re up to.

New Hours

Starting Saturday, May 9th, our hours will be:




These hours are subject to change, so check our website or call ahead at 510-525-1799.


We want everyone to be safe when they shop at Paper Plus, so here are some of the precautions we’re taking and services we’re offering.

Doorside Pick-up

Park and come to the door for doorside, contactless pickup. You can call ahead 510-525-1799 and we’ll get everything ready for you.

In-Store Social Distancing

If you prefer to shop in-store then you are welcome. Please maintain at least six feet of distance between you and other customers at all times. Shoppers must wear masks and gloves when entering the store. We will provide you with disposable gloves. Please pull on your gloves as you enter the store and throw them away after loading your items into your car.


Every basket, door handle, and door will be sanitized regularly. We’re paying attention to every high-touch surface. The baskets will be sanitized before they’re returned to the front so you know you’re getting a clean one from the beginning. We’re also leaving the door open as long as we’re open, so it’s not necessary to touch the door in order to come inside.

Limited Delivery Services

We are offering balloon delivery in some areas, but it’s contingent on many factors.

The balloon-mobile is unavailable because it’s not currently serviceable. We’re sad to see it go!

Your best bet is to call the store at 510-525-1799. We’ll let you know if we can accommodate your balloon request. If we can’t, we’ll still make doorside pickups available to you.

Available Products

As mentioned, we’ve added all sorts of essential products to our store shelves. That means you can pop on down to Paper Plus to find masks and gloves without having to wait days for online delivery. We’ve got three types of masks available, both large and medium size latex gloves, sanitizer, towels, and TP.

Just want to run in and out for those essentials? We’ll have an endcap in the front so you can grab, pay, and go.

Of course, you are also welcome to shop for party and art supplies while you’re here.

Unavailable Products and Services

Right now we’re not offering any machine rentals, which includes nacho cheese machines, cotton candy machines, sno-cones machine, popcorn machines, tables, or chairs. You can still rent our helium balloon tanks.

Thank you for supporting us!

We’re proud to be your local party store of choice, and we appreciate you considering us as you consider where to shop for supplies during these challenging times.

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