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How to Get Ready for Oakland Pride

pride rainbow flag

Even though National Pride month is in June, pride is celebrated at all times of the year. And if you’ve been here long enough, you know that the Oakland Pride parade and festival is coming up on September 9 through the 10th at 20th Street and Broadway.

Both events are don’t-miss events, but there’s another component you’ll want to jump into. Some people host parties before or after the parade so they can have a close celebration with friends.

If you’re ready to host a pride party, read on: we’ve got loads of ideas to share.

Parade Prep 

lots of people at pride celebrationDon’t go to a pride parade looking plain! Grab some wearables such as rainbow hats, scarves, glasses, multicolored beads, vests, ties, suspenders, and socks. Express yourself with wigs, face paint, glitter, or sequins. Grab some big, fake eyelashes and get decked out.

You don’t have to restrict yourself to rainbows, either. Pride is all about expressing yourself. You can craft a unique look that’s true to you. Or you can pick one of the other pride flags expressing your identity and build a look around that, such as the baby blue, pink, and white transgender flag.


Keep everyone in the mood once it’s time to go home to the party. Deck out your home in multi-colored streamers and large pride flags. Choose party cups, plates, napkins, and balloons in all seven rainbow colors.

Add a little sparkle wherever you can. Glitter balloons in the seven colors of the rainbow are great for this. Mylar balloons spelling out “Happy Pride” keep the mood festive.


rainbow glitter

You should have a few favors at a pride party to make people comfortable. For example, pronoun pin buttons can give people a no-pressure way to share pronouns in a way that will make your trans and intersex guests feel welcomed and comfortable.

Handheld pride flags in all varieties make nice favors to take home or toy with. And you can add a few more strings of beads so guests can get that much more sparkly and fabulous when they arrive.


cupcakes with rainbow flagsA rainbow cake is a fine staple for a pride party, but don’t forget to mix up a couple of rainbow paradise cocktails. Offer some rainbow mocktails for those who don’t wish to drink.

Bring plenty of other food as well. To step it up to the next level of inclusiveness, consider labeling food by dietary preference, and try accommodating as many as possible. If you have a BBQ, add a few Beyond burgers.

Pride is all about loving people for who they are, right where they are. Addressing accessibility and inclusion in your food is part of that.

Any Day Can Be a Pride Day

Can’t throw a party in time for Oakland Pride? Don’t worry. You can use these ideas for a coming-out party or celebrate pride whenever you want. Members of the queer community and their friends can use a great reason for celebration and support 365 days a year, so bring your party spirit and get those invites out!

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