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Simple Holiday Cookie Wrapping Ideas for Pretty Edible Gifts

cookies individually wrapped in cellophane


Simple Cookie Wrapping Ideas

The secret to gifting baked goods for the holidays (aside from grandma’s unbeatable cookie recipe) is a beautiful presentation. Festive packaging adds the finishing touch to your thoughtful gift and highlights all the love you put into those delicious cookies. Whether you’ve been gifting holiday cookies for decades and your cookie wrapping ideas have gone stale, or this is your first go at baking and you don’t know the first thing about wrapping cookies for gifts, we’ve got you covered. Get inspired with these simple cookie wrapping ideas!


How to Package Cookies for a Gift


cookie wrapping idea in boxes wrapped with cellophane and bowBakery or Gable Boxes

If you’re wondering how to package cookies beautifully without breaking the bank, keep things clean and simple with a classic bakery box and some ribbon. Baking or gable boxes come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can switch things up and personalize packaging. The secret to this packaging idea is in the choice of ribbon. A thick ribbon with gold embellishments will look elegant while a big, floppy red bow will look merry and bright.


Holiday Tins

You can’t go wrong with baking tins! Tins are great because they are reusable and they make stacking cookies fairly easy. Line the tins with parchment paper and separate each layer of cookies with wax paper so they don’t stick together. Then cross-tie the tin with a thick cloth ribbon and finish with a gift tag.


Parchment Paper

Bundle up your basic chocolate chip or peanut butter cookies in some colorful parchment paper. Parchment paper is relatively cheap and is perfect for individually wrapped Christmas cookies or packaging big batches of cookies. You can fasten them with colorful twisty ties, ribbon, tinsel or wrap them again with a sheer but colorful fabric.


cookie wrapping idea - gifts in cellophane with yellow ribbon

Repurposed Containers

With a little spray paint, construction paper, or butcher paper, you can turn any old container into beautiful cookie packaging. Dress up an old Pringles canister to look like a yule log, or line the wells of an egg carton with cellophane and parchment paper for smaller cookie bites like Mexican wedding cookies or cocoa peanut butter balls.



If you’re gifting a batch of various cookie types, then a basket will give a nice finished look to the selection. Baskets come in all shapes, colors and sizes and you can line them with beautiful printed parchment paper and tissue paper. Wrap sparkly ribbon around the handle or add some tinsel for additional color and fun.

 ice cream cone cookie wrapped in cellophane

Cellophane/Plastic Wrap and a Fabric Bow

If you’re packaging hundreds of cookies, keep things simple with plastic wrap. Cookies wrapped in cellophane can look picture perfect when you dress them up with a fabric bow. You can choose a colored plastic wrap like green, red, purple or keep it traditional and let the bow do the caroling.


Mason Jars

For cookies that look too beautiful to eat, showcase them in a clear mason jar. Top the jar with a square of holiday

cookie gift wrapping idea in glass jars

printed cloth or paper, then tie with a ribbon. Remember to stack them individually with wax paper in between so the cookies don’t stick together.


Cookie Bags

Personalize bulk party treats with cookie bags. You can search printable cookie bags online or buy higher quality ones at party stores and some bakeries. Add some fun with stickers, lettering, and ribbon.


Don’t Forget the Gift Tags

Personalize your cookies with handmade gift tags! You can use cardstock, construction paper, scrapbooking paper, stickers, glitter, and pattern-cutting scissors to create cute thoughtful tags.


Decorating Your Cookies

It’s on the inside that counts … and we’re not just talking about the flavor! Decorating your cookies is part of the presentation, so whether you’re sprinkling blue crystals on snowflake-shaped sugar cookies or dying cookie balls to look like tree ornaments, don’t forget this important step! Some common items you will need to decorate cookies include:


  • Decorating food coloring
  • Sprinkles
  • Edible dye
  • Edible frosting pens
  • Fondant


Some bakeries have technology that allows you to screen print images onto baked goods. This is a cool option if you want to turn your cookies into a photo album or simply skip the drawing process altogether.


Now that you’ve baked those cookies and gorgeously wrapped them, you’re ready to throw a cookie exchange party!


Bake-Free Cookie Wrapping Ideas


Cookie Recipe in a Jar


gift of cookie ingredients

Whether you’re traveling for the holidays or you need to make a dozen gifts in a pinch, a cookie recipe in a jar is a fun way to share recipes and save time in the kitchen. Simply layer each dry ingredient in a mason jar and tie it with a festive bow. You can take it a step further and include wet ingredients in separate jars plus baking utensils for a full holiday baking package.


Cookie Dough Gift

Pre-make your cookie dough and freeze it in separate cookie dough cartons. This makes less work for you and more fun for your friends who prefer to do the baking. Label the cookie dough with “ingredients” like love, holiday cheer, and joy.

Now it’s time to jump into the kitchen and make some holiday magic. Happy baking! For more packaging inspiration, check out our wide selection of tins, containers, ribbons, paper, and tags at Paper Plus at 629 San Pablo Ave. in Berkeley, 510-525-1799.


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