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Farewell Interview + March Deals

As we prepare to close down permanently on July 1, we’re launching our final sales and taking a moment to reflect on the great times we’ve had.

Many of our staff have been part of the team for 15-20 years. They’re all talented individuals who would greatly contribute to any local business once Paper Plus says its final goodbye. I hope you’ll consider them for your teams!

In the months leading up to our closure, we’ll feature one of our employees each month, giving you a chance to learn more about the great people who’ve been the backbone of our store. Last month, you met Itala. Now, meet Jila!

Meet Jila Sebzevari

jila behind counter at paper plusHow long have you been working at Paper Plus?

15 years

What is your favorite holiday?

Iranian New Year (Nowruz). It is the time that we get together with our friends and family to celebrate and welcome the spring.

Tell us something you enjoy about working at Paper Plus.

I have helped a lot of customers but one is so special to me. I helped a couple with their balloon order for their wedding and they came back for their son’s baby shower. He is now 9 years old. Seeing them coming after all these years and bringing their family too is so touching. We have seen people coming back generation after generation. First with their kids and then their grandkids. I will miss all of our customers!

Jila’s Hiring Story

Jila’s story with us started just before I began managing Paper Plus, which at the time was a store known for its distinct lack of organization. Loyal customers would hide items they wanted to buy later, always finding them in the same spot. Single cards were randomly placed in big boxes, making it difficult to find something specific, like that perfect 70th birthday card.

Jila came in to shop and it was clear to her that an organized store would be a lot better for customers. She came right up and told me as much! So, I figured she might be the perfect person to make it happen and offered her a job on the spot. She has been working ever since to bring order to the chaos.

However, not all customers were pleased. Some were disappointed to find their strategically placed items being reshelved and sold, disrupting their plans to buy them later!

Buy Holiday Items on Clearance Now

Now that you’ve met Jila, come see her in person so she can help you find all the best clearance deals.

Some examples of the deals you’ll find include:

  • decades decorations90% off all Christmas and Hanukkah supplies
  • 75-90% off Halloween items
  • $1 costumes
  • $1 wigs
  • 50% off Thanksgiving
  • 50% off New Years
  • 70% off all calendars
  • 90% off cookie cutters
  • 75% off all greeting cards and boxed cards
  • 50% off on themed decade decorations – from the 50s to the 90s

We Are Still Making Donations to Local Schools, Nonprofits and Religious Organizations

We are also bidding farewell to the community by providing donations to local schools, charities, and religious organizations. If your group needs items, please reach out by completing the contact form on our website:

This is a great opportunity to equip your classroom or activity. Be sure to take advantage of this offer.

Stay Tuned for More Deals

Paper Plus will continue running amazing clearance deals up until the closing day on July 1. Donations will remain available until closing day.

Don’t miss your chance to visit us before we have to say goodbye this summer. Shop Paper Plus today!

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