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Backyard BBQ Party Ideas

vegetable and meat kabobs on bbq

The backyard BBQ is a classic. It’s one of the few parties you can put together that requires no occasion, holiday, or excuse.

Of course, nobody wants to throw a boring BBQ. Here are some ideas for making a BBQ party special.

Decorating an Outdoor BBQ Party

You don’t have to skimp on the decorations if you keep your BBQ outdoors, either.

Set up giant, tough balloons. You can find outdoor-rated balloons that can withstand the heat or the wind. You’d typically build these balloons on structures meant to push into the ground, where they’ll be secure.

You can find mylar balloons for the outside, too. Some are even shaped like cute woodland creatures, such as squirrels, foxes, owls, skunks, or deer, if you want a fun theme idea. Or, get the ones shaped like the food you’re serving – hamburgers and hot dogs!

BBQ Place Settings

hand with tongs over bbq with meat at partyPlace settings help you communicate the theme, both indoors and outdoors. For example, you could grab a tablecloth with the iconic red and white checked pattern. You can find plates, cups, and napkins in either red or white to match.

But you don’t have to go in checker cloth. For example, you could choose a different theme, such as a luau theme, fruit baskets, or camping theme. Add weighted balloons to the table to bring it all the way home.

How do you entertain guests at a BBQ? How do you make a BBQ fun?

man placing at party working the bbqStart with games! Adults love games as much as children. Indoors you can add some board games. Outdoors, go with something like cornhole, horseshoes, or giant Jenga. If you have enough space, a volleyball or badminton net can entertain your guests as well.

Add music. Set up a playlist and keep it upbeat. You don’t want to blast the room with it but keep it up loud enough to keep the energy high.

Add DIY food stations. People love to build their own burgers, hot dogs, s’mores, sundaes, or sandwiches. If a DIY food station won’t work for your main menu, target dessert or create a drink station.

What should you do if it rains at your BBQ party?

It often gets too hot or rainy here in Berkeley to take a party outdoors. Fortunately, there is absolutely nothing wrong with throwing an indoor BBQ.

If you take the party indoors, use some decorations to keep the atmosphere festive. Mood is everything at a BBQ, and you want everyone relaxed and having fun.

Grab some helium balloons and smaller table setter pieces. Pick a theme and choose mylar balloons in shapes that support that theme. These little touches can make all the difference.

Get Ready to Break Out the BBQ Sauce

Overall, the key to making a BBQ memorable is to keep the mood high while offering various options that can appeal to different guests.

Keep it casual and relaxed with these BBQ party ideas, and remember to enjoy the company of those you invite!

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