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Adoption Party Ideas

child at superman themed adoption party

Have you adopted a child? Welcome them into the family with an adoption party!

You can throw an adoption party for your new child no matter how old they are. They help to formally bring your child into the family and introduce them to friends, relatives, and loved ones.

There’s no right or wrong way to throw an adoption party. Here are some ideas that can get you started.

Adoption Party Themes

child outdoors enjoying adoption partyHere are a few adoption party theme ideas.

  1. A baby shower theme if you’re adopting a baby.
  2. A Disney theme if you’re adopting a toddler or young child.
  3. A glow-in-the-dark theme if you’re adopting a teenager.

If your child is old enough to talk, ask them about their needs, desires, and preferences. Does your new child love unicorns? Then make it a unicorn theme!

You want this event to be full of love and joy, with a warm feel…but more than that, you want your child to feel celebrated and comfortable.

Adoption Party Games and Activities

family and friends enjoying outdoor adoption partyYou can add any game your child likes, but there are some specific adoption-themed games that might be fun.

Guess the Baby is fun. Have guests bring a baby photo of themselves, then display them on a board or wall. Guests can try to match pictures with the correct person. Upgrade this to a “Guess the Child” photo if you have an older child, and let the child guess.

Adopt-a-Teddy-Bear favors can be fun too. Get a bunch of small teddy bears and create tiny adoption certificates for them. Each guest gets to choose and adopt a bear.

An icebreaker is always fun as well. Icebreakers can make it easier for your child to have conversations with members of their new family. Photos can be fun too: take pictures of the child with each new family member, then create a collage of the results.

Want to steer clear of gift-giving? You can ask each guest to write a note to the adoptee instead.

Adoption Party Supplies

family at an outdoor adpotion partyHere are the supplies you’ll need for your adoption party decorations.

Choose plates, napkins, and other party dinnerware to support your theme. Add a festive tablecloth and table settings.Balloons are always a hit. You can choose colored or shaped mylar balloons to help you support your theme. A giant balloon bouquet will make any room look more festive.

The more you devote to decorations, the more memorable the event will feel. Decorations also help communicate where you want the party to “live”; decorate all the rooms you want guests in and avoid decorating those you don’t.

An Event to Remember

If it communicates the love you feel for your new child and brings the family together, you’ve done a great job!

Paper Plus has all sorts of party favors, decorations, balloons, tablecloths, themed napkins, and other supplies to help you create an adoption party you’ll remember for a lifetime. Stop by to get some ideas! 

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