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Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions with A Goal-Setting Calendar

goal setting calendar

It’s January, and the new year calls for new resolutions. A key to long-term success in following through with resolutions and goals is to write them down, look at them often, and break them up into bite-size chunks so they work for you. Pave the way to success this year with a new goal planner or new year’s resolution calendar.

We have all types of goal planning calendars stocked at Paper Plus, waiting for your pen and your new year’s resolutions.

Here are some reasons why you should invest in a goal-setting calendar.

The Benefits of Creating and Mapping Goals

You probably have an idea of where you want to be a year or a few years from now. But how do you get there? Writing down goals, especially on a goal-setting calendar, provides direction and focus, increasing your chances of arriving at your desired destination. Here are some other benefits of having a goal-planning calendar:

  • It’s motivating
  • It provides structure
  • It breaks up big plans into smaller, doable tasks
  • It creates an opportunity to reexamine your plan
  • It’s extremely satisfying when you complete a goal

How to Use a Goal-Tracking or Goal-Setting Calendar

Working backward is a great way to set up your goal-setting calendar. Think about your long-term goal – maybe it’s to launch a new business, plant a garden, or graduate with a 4.0 GPA. Whatever it is, be clear about what the end result will look like and mark the date on your calendar. Then, work backward by defining one thing that needs to be completed every month in order to get there. Once you have the monthly goals filled in, create smaller weekly goals. At the beginning of each month, read over your entries, and set small daily goals that will help move you forward.

Why Hard Copies Are Better Than Digital

Digital calendars are convenient and accessible. However, there is nothing like holding a calendar, planner, or journal in your hand that outlines the overall scope of a project or plan. Physical calendars create a great visual tool for long-term planning. Some would even argue that a paper calendar or planner is more easily digestible and less overwhelming than a digital version. The process of writing things down is helpful for committing appointments and meetings to memory.

There is something to be said about laying your calendar out in front of you, looking at tasks, goals, appointments, and more, and then checking things off as you go.

monthly goal setting calendars on displayKeep it Fun!

Remember to keep it light and don’t take goal-setting calendars too seriously, or you’ll lose the fun in your journey. Find a calendar with a theme that makes you smile. Sometimes it’s that photo of a secluded island, foreign cities you’re longing to visit, or cute pups that will motivate you to use your daily, weekly, or monthly goal planner throughout the year. Find a resolution calendar that will continue to inspire and drive you to your ultimate destination.

Paper Plus has all types of goal tracking calendars and goal planners to set you up for long-term success. Map out your days and weeks, write down what went great, what went wrong, and what you are grateful for.

We stock very basic weekly and monthly planners as well as book-like journaling planners. If you’re looking to plan further ahead, we carry pocket two-year planners as well.

Don’t need a calendar for yourself? Calendars are great as gifts for students, busy professionals, and business owners.

Call us at (510) 525-1799 or drop in at 1629 San Pablo Ave. in Berkley to browse our selection of daily, weekly, and monthly calendars.

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