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Four Ways to Bring Autumn Home in the Bay Area

Sure, the foliage may not be as colorful as it is in New England, but when those first rains soak the ground, you know Autumn has arrived in the Bay Area. Can you feel the cold snap in the air? Suddenly have a craving for pumpkin spice and persimmon bread?

Don’t just put on a sweater and sigh…celebrate the sights and smells of this unique season with delicious and crafty Fall treats.

Thanksgiving paper goods - plates, napkins1. Leaves!

We may not have the most stunning foliage in the United States, but at Paper Plus, you can have your pretty leaves and admire them, too, with our collection of fall leaf garlands and leaf cutouts. Wrap your bannister or patio railings with leaf garlands and show the world you’re ready for winter.

2. Lights!

As we fall back an hour, night falls earlier and earlier. Light up your home with Paper Plus’ huge assortment of paper lanterns, candles and candle holders. Give your backyard a festive glow with string lights.

3. Feasts!

Autumn marks the beginning of the feast months, starting with Octoberfest and Halloween through to Thanksgiving. Serve your best eats on our fall-themed plates, napkins and utensils, or keep your party table simple and classic with our solid color serving ware in colors like gold, yellow, and orange. We have fall centerpieces for the table, confetti, and even the classic cornucopia or ‘horn of plenty’ to fill and display.

4. Baked treats!

It’s harvest season, which means that pumpkins, persimmons, and apples are everywhere in abundance. It’s the perfect time for a fall baking frenzy! Baked treats make great gifts and party contributions. Paper Plus makes your goods look good with decorative cupcake baking cups, baking tins for cookies and brownies, and plenty of tissue paper, ribbon and gift bags to complete the look.


Come to Paper Plus in North Berkeley and gather your own unique ideas on how to celebrate Autumn’s arrival. We have lots of DIY craft supplies for kids and adults and as always, balloons for all occasions!

Looking for something in particular? Call us at (510) 525-1799.

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