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Farewell Interviews + May Deals

Paper PLus employee Itala Rojas

Farewell Interviews with Paper Plus Employees

As we approach our store closing on June 30, we have incredible deals. And, they get better every day. Come on by and shop the discounts!

Each month, we’re continuing to reminisce about the wonderful experiences we’ve shared in our 40+ years in business and the people who have been a part of that. Many of our team members have worked at Paper Plus for 15-20+ years.

During the lead-up to our final day, we will spotlight an employee story each month so you can better get to know the staff behind the party magic at Paper Plus.

This is our second feature of Itala and this time we have a funny story that has been a long-standing store joke. And now we’ll let you in on it!

Itala Rojas’s Story at Paper Plus

googly eyes at party store

DALL-E imagined what the googly eyes that Itala ordered looked like.

Through every up and down, Itala has been there, stepping up every time we needed her. She has a sharp eye for what our customers want and a knack for spotting the next big trend. She optimizes every inch of the store so that our party goods look amazing when you come to shop.

She led us to offer an impressive range of items for all sorts of events, including centerpieces, table decorations, and unique holiday items when at first we only offered simple decorations like crepe paper and streamers. She finds the perfect middle ground between fancy and simple, making our decorations both appealing and affordable.

There’s a funny story that really shows her impact. She once accidentally ordered six-inch googly eyes thinking they were much smaller. They turned out to be a huge hit with our customers and a fun joke around the store. It’s a great example of how she’s made a difference in our store, not just through her work but with her ability to turn mistakes into wins.

We’re really lucky to have had Itala with us all these years. Her loyalty, skill in merchandising, and ability to purchase the right trends have made a huge difference. She’s been a big part of why our store is what it is today.

Balloons Galore

balloon decorationsWe keep ordering balloons! They will be available for sale right up until closing day. This is your perfect opportunity to stock up on your favorites.

Buy Items on Clearance Now

Some examples of the deals you’ll find when you come shop include:

Everyday Savings

  • Everyday Boxed Cards: 50-75% off
  • Holiday Boxed Cards: 90% off
  • Papyrus Closeouts: 75% off a limited supply of NEW everyday boxed Papyrus closeouts
  • Calendars: 90% off
  • Everyday Wrapping Paper: 50% off
  • Assorted Craft Items: 50% off
  • Face Paint: 90% off

Themed Decorations

  • Themed Decade: 50% off decorations from the 50s to the 90s
  • Luau: 75% off

Holiday Discounts

  • Papyrus Christmas Cards: 90% off a brand new closeout batch of the latest boxed Christmas cards for 2024
  • Christmas and Hanukkah Supplies: 90% off
  • Halloween Items: 90% off
  • Thanksgiving Decorations: 90% off
  • Wrapping Paper: 90% off holiday Christmas and Hanukkah wrapping paper
  • Easter Supplies: 90% off
  • Patrick’s Day Supplies: 90% off (limited stock available)
  • Passover: 90% off
  • Mardi Gras Decorations: 90% off
  • New Year’s Supplies: 90% off

$1 Deals

  • Everyday Single Cards: 5 for $1 (generally without envelopes, excluding graduation, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day)
  • Costumes, Wigs, and Cookie Cutters: $1 deals including costumes, wigs, and sets of 5 cookie cutters

Free for Teachers and Educational Institutions

  • Calendars


We Are Still Making Donations to Local Schools, Nonprofits and Religious Organizations

 We are also bidding farewell to the community by providing donations to local schools, charities, and religious organizations. If your group needs items, please reach out by completing the contact form on our website:

This is a great opportunity to equip your classroom or activity. Be sure to take advantage of this offer.

Stay Tuned for More Deals

Paper Plus will continue running amazing clearance deals up until the closing day on June 30. Donations will remain available until closing day.

Don’t miss your chance to visit us before we have to say goodbye this summer. Shop Paper Plus today!

A Few Photos of our Sale Items – Shop While Supplies Last!

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