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Craft Ideas for Mother’s Day

happy mothers day card with tea and macarons

Mother’s Day crafts are a time-honored gift tradition. Creating a homemade Mother’s Day gift is so much more meaningful than simply making some brunch reservations (though brunch is good too).

Despite a wealth of sites promoting Mother’s Day crafts for preschoolers, creating easy handmade gifts for Mom is appropriate at any age. Of course, you might want to take some time to plan ahead so that you get good results.

Individual Mother’s Day Crafts for Adults

You don’t have to be a DIY wizard to make great Mother’s Day gifts. Here are a few ideas.

Plant a succulent in a pretty jar or pot that you’ve painted yourself.

flower shaped frosted cookiesBake cookies shaped and frosted like flowers, then wrap them in a paper cone tied loosely with ribbons.

Create a paper gift box by applying paper to a small cardboard box and decorating it yourself. You can place small keepsakes and photos within the box.

Use stiff paper to make a pressed flower bookmark.

Use DIY kits to create your own soap or candles.

Use the colors, shapes, and scents you know she loves. Putting that touch of personalization into your Mother’s Day gift will really help set it apart.

Older children can use any of these ideas as well.

Family Gathering Craft Ideas

Family gathering craft activities can be a great way to celebrate with Mom, or to create a tradition your kids will love. Group projects are especially great when you have young children. You can either create these gifts together to present to Mom later, or you can include her in the activities on that day.

hand painted potted succulentIf you’re going to include Mom, make it something she’d enjoy doing with the kids. You could even include grandma as well, so you get an across-the-generations tradition. For example, everyone might enjoy sitting down to share painted sun catcher kits, or potting some plants together. Just make sure Mom isn’t doing the bulk of the work. You don’t want her “gift” to be more time doing the same sort of childcare she does every day!

One easy craft idea is to get everyone in the family to bring a picture of the last year and make a framed collage out of it that can be gifted to Mom. Young kids can glue on the pictures while parents handle the framing.

Make this Mother’s Day Special

Many families just toss Mom a flower, a card, and a cup of coffee, and then call it done.

You can turn Mother’s Day into an entire day where she receives a nice brunch, time with the family to do a craft, a small handcrafted gift from you, and then the chance to take a nap, hit the spa, or otherwise have time to herself. And balloons are always a good idea!

Want to make Father’s Day special too? We have ideas for that!

Paper Plus has plenty of supplies you can use to do any of these crafts! We have paper, paints, frames, and more. Stop by while you’re doing your Mother’s Day planning. You might just get more ideas! 

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