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Beach Party Ideas for Kids and Adults

people jumping on beach at sunset

Summer’s on the way, so everyone’s thinking about the beach. Throwing a beach party is a natural choice!

You don’t even have to head all the way down to Baker Beach, Alameda Beach, or Keller Beach Park to throw a fabulous party. You can do it in your backyard, too. Either way, here are some fun ideas for a beach party.

Decorating Your Beach Party

Beach parties are all about the vibe, and it only takes a few items to punch up the theme. Here are the beach party supplies you will need.

  1. Thematic plates and napkins. You have many options, such as pictures of fish or seashells.
  2. Stuff you’d find at the beach! Decorate tables with shells or rocks.
  3. Make paper “seaweed” out of green paper streamers.
  4. Grab an inflatable plastic treasure chest cooler to give your beach party a little touch of piracy, or decorate a regular cooler with festive crepe paper and balloons.
  5. Grab a fish mylar balloon and fill it with air to create a tabletop topiary filled with other balloons and decorations. Weigh it down on the table to keep it from blowing away.
  6. Animal-themed pool inflatables are great beach toys and incredible decorations for a beach-themed party.
  7. Beach pails can be filled with snacks or used to give out favors.
  8. Balloons! They’re better during the day, but you can get glow-in-the-dark balloons for a night-time adult party, too. You can even find mylar balloons shaped like octopi, sharks, whales, angelfish, seahorses, or latex balloons with fish printed on them.

It can be windy here in Berkeley and at the beach. Secure your goods if you want to keep them out of the water! Table clips protect your tablecloth, but you should add a few heavy decorations. Secure balloons at the beach with weights or by placing a pole in the sand to create a balloon column.

Beach Party Ideas for Kids

child playing in the sand and water at beach partyYou’ll generally hold a kid’s beach party during the day. If you’re going down to the beach, we recommend loading up on shovels and sand castle templates. Hand those out, and you might just give the kids plenty to do without much more effort.

Create a designated water-safe zone and enlist adults to watch kids in the water. Kids at the beach will want to play in the waves, and you’ll need to account for that.

Add enough food and drinks, bring a Bluetooth speaker to put on a little age-appropriate music, and you can let the children wear themselves out in the sun for several hours.

Beach Party Ideas for Adults

people playing music and drinking beer at the beachThe grown-ups want to party at night, so here are some night beach party ideas.

Grab some tiki torches and plan on a bonfire. It can get a bit colder in the evening, so have some warm drinks available. You can find party cups for hot beverages and cold drinks.

At night, a Hawaiian theme can be fun. Grab some cloth and polyester leis and hand them out.

Then, think about a few activities. Horseshoes, corn hole, an outdoor dance floor, a frisbee, or even a grown-up scavenger hunt can all be great fun.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

people have a party and fire at a beach partyThrowing a beach party is a fantastic way to celebrate the summer season and connect with friends and family. It only takes a little bit of effort to create an atmosphere that everyone can enjoy.

Get ready to make some unforgettable memories with your loved ones at the next beach party!

We have loads of beach party supplies, from tiki torches to mylar balloons. Stop by Paper Plus to find everything you’ll need for both adult parties and kid parties.

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