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6 Ways to Get Your Kids Excited for Hanukkah (that Don’t Have to Do with Presents)


wooden dreidels for hanukkah with confetti

Hanukkah is a special holiday for Jewish children, and not solely for the eight presents they may receive. Hanukkah is also a holiday of games, rituals, and learning experiences.

1. Lighting the Menorah

There are many different styles of menorahs and candles out there, but the mitzvah of the lighting remains the same. Paper Plus carries different lengths of good quality candles at varying lengths, sizes and colors, all with sure, steady flames. We also have menorahs.

2. Give gelt

The tradition of giving gelt (gold coin) harkens back to the Maccabee coin and its significance as a symbol of Jewish freedom. Nowadays, parents give chocolate gelt to their children as gifts and reminders of the importance of charity, which is also given as part of Hanukkah festivities. We carry milk chocolate gelt and dark chocolate gelt – and if you’re not a fan of chocolate, why not put a spin on tradition and give them Hebrew Bazooka bubble gum instead!

3. Play the dreidel game

The spinning top game is a fun way for kids to feel pride in the Hebrew heritage (the symbols on the dreidel spell ‘A great miracle happened there’). We have a huge assortment of dreidels with varying sizes, colors, and materials.

4. Gather for dinner

Bring the kids together for latkes, donuts and cheese — all symbolic foods which celebrate victories of the Jewish people. Decorate the table with Hanukkah centerpieces and placemats. For dessert, make cookies with our Hanukkah cookie cutters or let the kids try our Hanukkah-themed cupcake kits.

5. Get creative

We have so many great activities for Hanukkah, including beadmaking kits, stamp kits, make-your-own banners, stickers, and books for kids. These games and crafty items offer new ways to get excited about Hanukkah while still teaching children the important symbols of the holiday.

6. Give gifts

And finally, there are the much-anticipated eight presents, one for each day of Hanukkah. For those, Paper Plus has plenty of Hanukkah-themed gift wrap, gift bags, ribbon, and gift boxes!


Visit our store in North Berkeley for great Hanukkah party goods. Looking for something in particular? Call us at (510) 525-1799.

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