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5 Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

So you’ve been invited to a Halloween party. Or maybe your kids are insisting that you dress up when you go trick-or-treating.

Don’t be the neighborhood fuddy duddy without a costume! There are so many great Halloween costume ideas out there, from pre-packaged sets to totally unique DIY Halloween costume assemblies. Here are a few ideas to get your costume creativity flowing:

1. Find the perfect wig.

pink straight hair wig and purple short wig

Pink straight hair wig and purple short wig

Halloween is the time to experiment with new hair! Wigs are a near-instant way to get into the spirit of disguise. Get a long shaggy wig, put on some tight pants and a black headband and go as a rocker from the 80s! Or wear a blue bob and some white clothing and go as a Waitress from the Future. Or a Cult Member. Wigs are so versatile!


2. Get creative with cardboard.

Cut some holes in a box, cover it with wrapping paper, attach some ribbon suspenders and go as a Christmas present! Or have your kids decorate the box for you with buttons and control panels and go as a Robot.


3. Accessorize.

costumes accessoriesSunglasses, mustaches, eye patches, badges…these small accessories make your costume complete. Paper Plus has a huge selection of these costume add-ons. You can gather ideas just by browsing!


4. Get recognized.

Jump on the pop culture train, it’s fun! We have this year’s hot costumes for kids and adults, including Minions and Ninja Turtles. These easy, ready-to-wear costumes look great in ‘teams’ and offer a great way for families to bond.


5. Use your imagination.

This isn’t a costume idea; it’s a state of mind. Paper Plus has shelves and shelves of raw materials for costumes, like glitter,  masks, paper and felt. And don’t forget balloon costumes! Get crafting!


Whether you’re keeping it casual or going whole hog, this year’s Halloween costume is ready to be found at Paper Plus in North Berkeley.

Looking for a specific item? Call us at (510) 525-1799; we’ll be happy to check for you.

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