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3 Ways to Make Your Halloween Party the One to Remember

Planning a Halloween party? People love to be surprised by unique Halloween party ideas. Rather than resorting to the old orange and black treatment, why not visit a store with thousands of Halloween party goods and see what else is available? Here are some things to consider:

1. Set the mood

halloween bat

Bat decoration

Halloween is all about a change in atmosphere. How do you want your Halloween party to feel? For a spooky gloom, cover up colorful plants, wall hangings, and windows with cobwebs. A scattering of tombstones in the front yard or a skeleton propped up in the corner can do the trick, or go for mayhem overhead by hanging bats or ravens in unexpected places, like the bathroom or in doorways. For a more bubbly, upbeat mood, colorful balloons scattered across the floor or ceiling turn your house or apartment into a fun/madhouse. Or place one of Paper Plus’ awesome balloon structures of Frankenstein’s monster at the door to greet guests.


2. Remember the details

Turn your usual party gear on its head on Halloween. Label your wine and beverage bottles with creepy old labels that say “Poison” and “Witches Brew”. Use table covers and crepe paper over mirrors and wall hangings to transform the party space. We also carry Halloween-themed cupcake holders and plates and napkins.


3. Arrange unique activities

halloween balloon displayGive your guests something to do while they make merry! Bobbing for apples is a classic (we have the large tubs, which do double duty as ice buckets), as is playing scary movies on the television on mute. Or play the Mummy Challenge – who can make the best-looking mummy using gray crepe paper? Get crafty with our huge DIY section and have the kids decorate miniature pumpkins or their own Halloween trick-or-treat bags.

Paper Plus is READY to make all of your Halloween party dreams come true, from the bats in the trees to the eyeballs in the punch.

The shelves at Paper Plus are a great Halloween party waiting to happen — you’ll find items you didn’t even know existed! We invite you to browse our store in North Berkeley, or call us to ask about a specific item at (510) 525-1799.

Happy Halloween!

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